• July 15, 2024

No-Code Business Process Automation

If you are interested in having a no-code Business Process Automation (BPA) solution, there are many options to choose from. Some of the more popular platforms are Bimser Enterprise Business Process Automation (eBA), Appy Pie, and SAP App Center. All of these options offer easy integration, and they can be customized to fit your needs.
Quixy is an all-in-one business process automation platform that helps users connect people, services and apps. It aims to help businesses automate their processes without coding.
Quixy’s no-code platform uses Lego-like blocks to provide an easy way to create applications. The platform allows users to reuse the feature blocks to build a variety of solutions. It is also compatible with multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Fire OS.
Quixy’s no-code technology enables users to create web and mobile apps without coding. The app editor features a drag-and-drop interface. Once you have created a new app, you can add features, configure them and preview them. You can then publish your Quixy app in just a few clicks. The app is stored on a secure cloud, eliminating the need for a server.
Using Kianda no-code business process automation platform, businesses can digitalise their processes faster. It provides user-friendly workflow software, a drag and drop no-code workflow designer, and customisable reporting dashboards.
Kianda no-code business process automation helps companies streamline business solutions, enhance customer experiences, and reduce costs. It also empowers users to create enterprise applications. It integrates with data sources and allows for easy access to data.
It includes a no-code visual designer, which lets anyone create enterprise apps without programming. It enables rapid creation of interactive workflows and business rules.
Kianda no-code platform is available in the cloud or on premise. It offers flexible hosting options and a no-friction licensing model. It also comes with an on-boarding experience that is smooth and simple. It offers easy access to users’ data and processes, and secure data protection during backups.
Bimser Enterprise Business Process Automation (eBA)
Bimser Enterprise Business Process Automation (eBA) is an intelligent data capture and workflow platform that supports 500+ corporate clients. It can integrate with other applications and databases to enhance your business’ productivity and efficiency.
It is a comprehensive and user-friendly enterprise content management (ECM) solution. eBA’s architecture ensures that all your ECM applications are able to operate on a common platform. Whether your organization uses SAP ERP, a legacy system, or other popular enterprise software, eBA has the tools to help. eBA is also built to scale up to a more rigorous version as your organization grows.
Aside from automating your business processes, eBA provides you with an array of other useful features. These include the ability to integrate documents and data, and to share content with other users.
Next Matter
The Next Matter software platform is an end-to-end tool for operations teams. It can help teams get the job done fast, which is important as the world becomes more and more demanding.
Next Matter, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is backed by Crane Venture Partners and BlueYard Capital. It’s a drag and drop no-code process builder that helps businesses automate manual processes and streamline their operations.
Using NextMatter, you can automate the most mundane tasks, such as tracking project metrics or file tagging. You can even create processes that are automatically triggered based on system events.
NextMatter also makes it easy to customize forms, reports, and other business processes. Its no-code builder includes templates and instructions that allow you to create workflows in seconds. You can even use the platform to integrate with existing apps like Google Sheets.
SAP App Center
A no-code platform enables fast and automated business processes. The platform offers rapid development of modern applications and provides seamless integration with SAP(r) systems. This enables clients to deliver better customer experiences and increase operational efficiency.
A no-code platform gives business users access to their data and workflows from anywhere. This enables business and IT teams to collaborate and reinvent their business faster. The platform also increases employee engagement and boosts client satisfaction.
The platform is comprised of three pillars – Work Zone, Launchpad, and AppGyver. All three share the same API hub and offer easy connectivity to the most popular data sources. They enable users to build, edit, and publish custom business sites and pages. Using a drag-and-drop user interface, developers can create complex applications without writing code.

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