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Want to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life? Guidelines by Mobile Phone Repairs in Southend On Sea

 Want to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life? Guidelines by Mobile Phone Repairs in Southend On Sea

Apple’s iPhone is a smart gadget, but like many electronics, it requires repair to maintain general operation. Your iPhone works long as you are willing to repair it from a mobile phone repair in Southend On Sea. It will continue to operate as long as you maintain your mobile phone’s battery health.

Here’s why keeping your iPhone battery in fair condition is important and how you can get more years out of your device through a mobile phone repair service or self-maintenance.

Why Is It Significant to Maintain Your iPhone’s Battery Health?

There is no way to describe how long an iPhone’s battery will survive because various things influence its health. It’s useful to be aware of frequent battery concerns and understand how to keep your iPhone’s battery healthy. Certain activities, such as turning off Wi-Fi or charging your smartphone when not in use, might help it last longer.

If you want to use your iPhone for as long as possible, here are some guidelines for keeping your iPhone’s battery healthy for many years.

Avoid Maximizing Your Charge Cycles

The fewer charge cycles you go through with your iPhone, the longer the battery will survive. Apple says iPhones maintain up to 80% of their official battery capacity after 500 charge cycles. As a result, you should strive to preserve your device’s battery between 40% and 80% as much as feasible.

Turn Off Unused Features

Turn off any functions. You don’t need to consume a few charge cycles and maintain your device’s battery health. Power-hungry functions like Background App Refresh, Bluetooth, Location Settings, and notifications can be found in the Settings app.

It is just one of the ways you can prolong the life of your mobile’s battery to get the most out of a 100% charge. You can also modify the brightness of your iPhone and enable more notifications to prevent them from constantly waking up your Lock Screen.

Don’t Leave Your iPhone Charging Too Long.

Because the battery cells that comprise lithium-ion batteries have a finite lifespan, you should maintain your iPhone’s battery if you want to continue enjoying the benefits of your smartphone.

Allowing a smartphone’s battery to die fully is one of the most hazardous things you can do. It is because when a battery cell depletes and is kept that way for an extended time, it may enter a deep depletion condition and never perform again.

iPhone batteries retain some reserve energy even when turned off. To prevent this, use your iPhone’s Low Power mode when the battery is 20% or below to prolong its battery life until you can reach an outlet or a mobile phone repair in Southend On Sea.

Use Only Apple Chargers

The backdrop has a white iPhone cord and a blue iPhone. Many unethical companies make poor-quality iPhone chargers. While these chargers can still charge your iPhone, they are not Apple-certified, which signifies they do not retain the quality and compatibility with your iPhone’s battery.

Always use Apple-certified accessories for your safety and the health of your iPhone’s battery. Get one from iPhone repair service providers. Among these officially sanctioned goods are the best cables for charging your iPhone. They help prevent power surges and short circuits, which cause injury or damage to the phone’s internal components, including the battery.


Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Keeping your iPhone away from excessive temperatures can help it last its whole life without causing damage to its main components. As a result, keeping this in mind can assist in preserving the battery health of your iPhone.

Extreme cold conditions can limit battery life by reducing its capacity to store charges or causing it to cease performing entirely. Extreme highs, on the other hand, might restrict you from utilizing some of the phone’s capabilities indefinitely, such as producing cracks in the device itself, which can damage overall battery performance. In this case, you need a phone repair in Southend On Sea.

Purchase a Case for Your iPhone

Maintain your iPhone away from dusty or unclean conditions to keep its battery healthy. As a result of dust and dirt particles building on the battery connections, battery life may be reduced.

By catching debris before it enters your smartphone, a protective cover can help safeguard your iPhone’s ports. 

A smart iPhone cover may also safeguard your iPhone from additional problems, such as damaged screens and water damage.

Update to the Most Recent iOS Version

Updating the device’s operating system is important to keep your iPhone’s battery healthy. Your iPhone receives software upgrades over time that improve its speed and performance. It preserves the battery in excellent working order over time.

Furthermore, these upgrades frequently include additional battery-saving features that you may enjoy. For example, one of the improvements is Screen Time, which allows users to measure how much time they spend on their devices and which applications they use the most. Users may then adapt their daily routines to avoid spending too much time on their phones.


Unfortunately, there is no way to keep iPhone batteries from becoming problematic over time. iPhones continue to use lithium-ion batteries, which degrade over time. Long-term care for an iPhone battery, on the other hand, can still affect its overall performance over time.

Aside from keeping your iPhone running longer, a good battery might help you avoid slowdowns, app crashes, and other problems. So, follow these instructions to keep your iPhone’s battery healthy for as long as possible. If everything else fails, there’s no need to buy a new iPhone because a mobile phone repair in Southend On Sea can replace the battery for you.


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