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How to Migrate to the UK with a Work Visa

 How to Migrate to the UK with a Work Visa

Many people move to the UK in search of work opportunities, economic growth, and various social benefits, making Great Britain one of the top destinations for many people globally. If you are planning to move to Great Britain with a skilled work Visa, there are a few essential factors that you’ll have to consider.

You’ll need a UK visa if you plan on staying longer than six months, for starters. You should note that some migration routes are more complex than others. However, one of the easiest routes you could take is applying for a work visa, but you’ll need to meet all qualifying criteria.

For instance, you’ll need to apply for a job suitable for sponsorship and listed on the UK’s Shortage Occupation List (SOL). Next, you’ll have to apply for sponsor license and get a certificate of sponsorship before applying for a visa. Lastly, you’ll need to apply for a skilled worker visa and meet all qualifications before getting your visa.

Moving to the UK with a work visa

You can move to the UK and get a long-term work visa by following these steps.

Find employment

It would be best if you had a work or job offer before planning to move to the UK to qualify for applying for a skilled work visa. You’ll have to ensure that your employer is ready to provide you with sponsorship for a work permit if you are interested in getting a sponsor-based visa. You’ll need to get a Certificate of Sponsorship from licensed employers.

The UK publishes a Shortage Occupation List or SOL yearly, and your occupation should be mentioned in the list before you can apply. Your employer will help you file the documentation once you have a job offer. Overseas career companies can also help place your resume in the right hands if you don’t have a job offer.

Find the right visa type

As mentioned before, there are several visa options for migration. Therefore, you’ll have to find the right type of visa that best suits your profile. Some common types of work visas include:

Startup visa or innovator visa

Startup visas are meant for applicants that want to create a unique business in the UK. Applicants must be endorsed by a UK educational institution or UK business organisation. The visa allows applicants to stay in the UK for two years.

Skilled worker visa

A skilled work visa is meant for applicants with job offers from approved employers based in the UK. The applicants need to meet a minimum-point threshold awarded for various aspects like English proficiency, minimum salary, etc.

International sportsperson visa

This type of visa allows elite sportspersons and coaches to migrate to the UK and make a difference in various sports. The individuals must be recognised by their home country’s sports governing body and be internationally at the highest peak in their profession. They should also be endorsed by their sports governing body.

Apply for the visa

You should prepare your documents and submit the visa applications once you know which type of visa you want to apply for. Usually, you’ll have to apply for your visa at local representative offices and await a decision. The application process can take a few weeks or months, depending on the visa applied for.

Move to the UK

The visa office will send an Email stating the decision and detailing what happens next. Additionally, your passport will come with a sticker (i.e., a vignette) detailing your immigration status and other important information like your visa’s validity, type, etc.

You’ll collect your BRP (Biometric Residence Permit at the post office once you enter the UK. You’ll use the BRP as your identification and proof of your right to work and live in the UK. Note: You won’t receive a BRP or vignette if you use an online verification app, “UK immigration: ID check,” for identification.

Indefinite leave to remain

You can get your permanent residence or Indefinite Leave to Remain after living in the UK for five or more years using your work visa. The ILR allows individuals to live limitlessly in the UK, and you can apply for citizenship if you qualify.


Moving to the UK is hard when you don’t have enough money, family members, a job, or distinguishable talents. It also depends on your primary residence. For instance, EU citizens can get a long-term visa more easily than people from other nationalities. However, you can move to the UK quickly if you gain employment and qualify for all visa requirements.

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