• June 19, 2024

Microblading: A Revolutionary procedure

Microblading is the process of filling in your brows using pigments to make them look fuller and thicker. It makes them look more defined. It eliminates the process of filling in the brows every day and also gives your brows a more natural look.

How is it different from tattooing?

There is a lot of confusion around microblading with people thinking it is like tattooing. However, eye brow microblading Washington DC is a semi-permanent procedure in which the pigments are only introduced in the superficial layers of skin. It lasts for 3 years and does not create a blocked eyebrow effect. There is no greenish-yellow pigmentation which is often seen with tattooing. Microblading also looks more natural due to its precise thin strokes.


  1. Natural

Eyebrow pencils generally make your eyebrows look drawn-over. It might also be a struggle to make them look even and defined. It takes up a lot of your time in your make-up routine, which you can spend on your eye shadow or liner.

  1. Reduced effort

It doesn’t just take time, it also takes too much effort to create those brows every day. There is absolutely no effort you need to put into those eyebrows as they are always on fleek.

  1. Cost-effective

You save a lot of money by not spending on your eyebrow pencils and powders. This procedure can be done once and it will last for 3 years.

What do you need to know about the procedure?

It is always important to get your treatment done only from the best. You also need to ensure that your microblading artist is certified and adequately trained.

The procedure starts with the application of the numbing cream and your microblading artist chooses the most appropriate shade of pigment. The colour of the pigment will mostly depend on the colour of the existing hair. After ensuring the effectiveness of anaesthesia, the microblading artists start by giving initial strokes.

The procedure involves injecting the area with dye using manual microblading tools. The entire procedure takes up to 2 hours and it is quite painless.

Keep in mind!

Always go to a well-respected as there are few risks associated with Eye Brow Micro Blading, Washington DC. The major complication of microblading is infection. Microblading generally breaks the skin and may provide an entry for microorganisms that lead to infection. The use of unsterile tools is one of the main causes and hence your microblading artist needs to be properly certified and adequately trained.

If you suffer from frequent skin allergies, let your microblading artist know! Microblading involves introducing various pigments into your skin and may lead to Allergies. Using organic pigments is very important in the process of microblading and so tests strokes. Few test strokes should be given and any signs of allergies should be looked for.

Microblading is a revolutionary procedure that has completely changed the make-up industry. With multiple benefits and fewer side effects, it has been ruling the industry for quite some time now. From celebs to everyday people, it has popular among everybody. If you are considering getting eye brow micro blading, Washington DC then Repigment me provides quality services and ensures your safety by using high-quality pigments and sterile tools. Check them out at https://repigment.me/.

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