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10 ways to emotionally connect with your medical device distributors email list subscribers

 10 ways to emotionally connect with your medical device distributors email list subscribers

Most customers make decisions based on emotion and instinct instead of rational thinking. Influencing their choices requires appealing to their emotions. To be able to do so, you have to know the different types of emotional triggers. You have to decide the emotion you want to generate in the subscriber and design messages that serve the purpose.

What are positive emotional triggers?

Positive triggers are more effective in creating a favorable outlook toward your brand. Generating feelings of guilt, fear, and competition may get your subscribers to open your next email, but it is not a good practice. Here is the ABC of positive emotions that make people want to read your emails-

  • Anticipation- Your brand’s popularity is more likely to spread through word-of-mouth when subscribers look forward to your content.
  • Belongingness- Subscribers want to feel like they are part of your brand and are important to the business.
  • Curiosity- Your emails should intrigue the medical device distributors email list subscribers to learn more about your products and turn them into potential customers.

Build emotional connections with your medical device distribution email list subscribers

People want to be confident when they make a purchase. They want to feel that they have succeeded in landing a good deal to avoid regrets. Building an emotional connection begins even before they start browsing for a product. You can influence their emotions and the way they view your brand. You can make them feel confident about purchasing from you. Read on to find out how.

  1. Personalize your emails with data insights

Addresses the subscriber as a friend immediately sets the tone for further interaction. You can improve engagement by including the subscriber’s first name and job designation in your emails. Adopting a relaxed style lets you create an emotional connection with the subscriber.

  1. Segment your medical device distributors mailing list

Generic emails only touch the surface and do not dive deep into any issue. They restrict you from creating meaningful interactions. You can create and send more specific email content by dividing a large medical device distributors database into smaller segments. Segments sharing similar interests allow you to tailor your messages and provide value to the subscribers. It is usually time-consuming. You can consider purchasing a pre-segmented list from trustworthy data providers, such as Healthcare Mailing, to avoid spending valuable resources on it.

  1. Conduct an email survey

Send a short survey to the subscribers and request them to fill it out. Inform them about the survey’s importance and how their input can improve your business. Explain how their opinions help you cater to their requirements better. Keep the questions to a minimum or offer incentives to increase the responses.

  1. Provide exclusive content to your medical distributor list subscribers

You can send a separate email to subscribers who have already purchased from you. Have them sign up for exclusive content. Provide them with special offers and discounts. If you are a product manufacturing business, you can create a video of how the product is made. Sharing behind-the-scenes footage indicates that your business is transparent. It allows you to generate interest in your products and increase your brand’s credibility.

  1. Improve your social media presence

Interacting on social media is a great way of making your way into subscribers’ minds. You can maintain your brand’s relevance by posting eye-catching and unique content. Regulate the frequency of your posts, so you don’t come off as annoying. Being consistent will let you amass a following in no time.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

A countdown timer is the most effective way of creating urgency among subscribers included in your list of medical device distributors in USA. Remind them again a day before the deadline. Include a visible call-to-action button that takes them directly to your landing page.

  1. Build excitement and anticipation

Send promotional emails that give subscribers a sneak-peak into a new product. Give them a chance to pre-order it and feel special about being part of your campaign. Create hype around a product launch and build excitement, so subscribers don’t miss it.

  1. Be honest in your emails

Show your medical device distributors list subscribers how they can benefit by purchasing from you. Focus less on selling and more on suggesting solutions to their problems. Show your passion for your work by talking about core topics. Most subscribers prefer reading content that they can relate to and understand at a personal level.

  1. Use simple and clear language

Avoid using technical and difficult words. Use everyday language that lets the subscriber understand your message in one glance.

  1. Include customer testimonials in your emails

Feedback from customers who have experienced similar problems and had them solved is the ultimate game changer. Nothing can convince your subscribers more than reading the customers’ opinions of your brand in their own words.

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