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List Of 6 Latest Budget-Friendly Haier TVs in 2022

The Android-powered TV set includes all the features of a Smart TV, and the new Haier model has the best features we have ever seen on television. The numerous Haier models go even better with the vivid colors, clean screen, top-notch sound provided by Dolby Decoder, and dynamic colors.


Haier TV models are known for their quality, affordability, and tech-rich features. This tv is quite popular among the young generation, considering its unique and rich streaming options. It comes in a variety of specifications and models for the customers to choose from. In 2022, you can choose from a variety of Best Haier TVs. Those are listed below.


  1. Haier Bezel Less Google Android TV (43 Inch)

Haier Bezel Less Google Android TV (43 Inches) is one of the best Haier TVs in 43 inches. It is an outstanding product in the Indian market with all the features that need for a superior TV experience. This is ideal to offer you HD-compatible resolution along with Google Assistant. You will also get HDR support, triple HDMI ports, Wi-Fi, twin USB slots, 20 W Speakers, ARM A53 Processor, & Dolby Audio Sound in this low price tv. This Haier tv is available at Bajaj Mall at INR 45,999 and you can buy it on easy EMIs of INR 2,165 with a Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card.


  1. HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 80 cm (32 Inch)

It is one of the low-price TVs by iconic TV manufacturer, Haier. This incredible TV has some great features, it’s the best 32-inch smart TV with Google Assistant and various other impeccable features. It is perfect for online video streaming and gaming or web browsing. Even if you don’t connect your set-top box to this TV, it won’t let you down. The most advanced technology of this top 32-inch TV is the voice-activated remote control. And, it is available at a basic price of just INR 15,999 at Bajaj Mall.


  1. Haier K Series 4K Ultra HD LED Android TV 126 cm (50 Inch)

With a 60Hz refresh rate, HD resolution, two USB ports, four HDMI ports, Android UI, and 20W audio output, Haier K Series 4K Ultra HD LED Android TV 126 cm (50 Inch) is an excellent Haier tv. With the launch of this TV, it continues its position on the list of the best mid or low-price tv. It is a worthy product to offer you a premium TV experience at a budget-friendly price. It is one of the best low-price TV you can get in the Indian market from Haier. It would be the right pick for visual streaming and gaming.


  1. Haier K6600 Series 4K Ultra HD LED Android TV 108 cm (43 Inch)

Haier K6600 Series 4K Ultra HD LED Android TV 108 cm (43 Inch) is among the best 43 inches Haier TVs since its launch. It offers a 60Hz refresh rate along with 4K ultra-HD resolution and a 93% DCI P3 color gamut. This TV comes with Android 9 which makes it a perfect choice among all low-price TVs. In addition, this Haier TV has all the modern features, it has four HDMI and twin USB ports for connectivity and Wi-Fi capability to connect your devices effectively. This low-price TV can be the ideal pick for you if you are planning to purchase a TV under a budget.


  1. Haier K Series Full HD LED Smart Android TV 109 cm (43 Inch)

If you prefer a premium and prestigious low price tv, Haier K Series Full HD LED Smart Android TV 109 cm (43 Inch) is a perfect choice for you. This is the best Haier tv with a 43-inch display for just INR 29,999. It has an array of exclusive features like; Built-in Chromecast, a Bezel-Less Display, a 60 Hz Refresh Rate, triple HDMI, twin USB Ports, & Wi-Fi. This smart TV would be an excellent option if you are looking for a mid-range high performing television from Haier. Get it today!


  1. Haier K Series HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 81 cm (32 Inch)

Haier K Series HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 81 cm (32 Inch) is one of the premium and smart Haier TVs for just INR 19,999. It is an HD TV that is integrated with modern connectivity solutions such as triple HDMI ports, two USB slots, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. This low price tv also has various thriving functions like; a 20 W Speaker, Dynamic Picture Mode, Built-in Chromecast, 60 Hz Refresh Rate, and Android 11 Operating System.


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