• July 15, 2024

Let’s understand the Long-term effects of Microblading!

Considering microblading your eyebrows, But you are not very sure about the long term effects of the procedure? Well, we are here to help you understand the procedure, benefits and long term effects of the procedure that has completely changed the definition of perfect brows.
The procedure of microblading is relatively simple. You need to make sure your aesthetician has undergone microblading training in Chicago. The aesthetician will use local anaesthetic gels or cream to numb the area and reduce any pain or irritation. The aestheticians generally prefer to use templates as the process is easier and error-free. However, free-handing might be a better option as it allows more scope for customization.
The aesthetician will choose the best shade for your eyebrows and start the procedure. It may take anywhere from 2-to 3 hours depending on the skills of the aesthetician.
The healing generally doesn’t have any problems and most people pretty much heal in a week or so. However, if an individual with improper microblading training Chicago performs this procedure it might lead to complications.
1. Infection
The major complication of microblading is infection. The process of microblading breaks the skin and provides an entry point for the microorganisms which may later cause infection. This may be due to the use of unsterile instruments by aestheticians. Hence, it is recommended to undergo blood pathogen control training with microblading training Chicago.
2. Allergies
As it is the process of injecting die into the dermis, the skin may sometimes not accept the dye which will lead to Allergies. It becomes important to test it out in a small area before proceeding as some allergies can be life-threatening.
3. Cannot be corrected
Once it is messed up there is no way to overwrite the eyebrows. Hence the aesthetician needs to undergo proper microblading training Chicago before starting up on the clients.
The long term effects of Microblading
Microblading has positive long term effects as well as negative long term effects let’s start with the positive.
Positively, Microblading is the process of injecting pigment only into the superficial layers of skin. Therefore multiple interactions take place between the skin and the pigment. The numerous processes break down the pigment and the pigment starts fading. It eventually just disappears. It is generally the time u you should start considering another procedure.
Negative effects of microblading
1. Change in colour
When done improperly the pigment changes its colours. This may be due to the quality of the pigment used. Lower quality pigments change colour. One of the other reasons maybe the improper depth of the strokes.
2. Residual pigment
If your pigment doesn’t start fading or only fades in a few areas, your brows Start to look uneven and odd. This may be due to uneven stroke placement.
3. Blurring of strokes
Sometimes the pigment spread in people with only skin texture. It looks more blurred and doesn’t appear natural. These people may need frequent touch-ups.
Hence, it is important to get proper training before performing on your clients as it is a semi-permanent positionand can last quite a while. If you are looking to get microblading training Chicago, we would recommend checking out BB Jenny at https://www.bbjenny.com/. They help you get trained effectively and efficiently to avoid any negative long term effects for the best customer satisfaction.

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