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Learn To Ride a Hoverboards For Children

 Learn To Ride a Hoverboards For Children

At first glance, hoverboarding seems difficult. But far from it. The first hoverboard ride is usually much faster than expected. We divide the individual maneuvers and learning sections into four sequences and claim with a clear conscience: After five minutes you are already standing on the hoverboards quite securely. Although it really is child’s play to learn, we recommend making the first attempts with a companion. In case of doubt, this can provide support in the following situations:

  • Hold onto the board as you step on it
  • provide additional stability and
  • catch when falling

Hoverboards for Children | Rising up

First of all, the Self Balancing Board has to be switched on. This is the only way the board can balance itself thanks to the finest sensors. During the first try, it is sufficient to just stand on the hoverboard and keep your balance.

Drive forwards and backward

As soon as you have found your balance on the hoverboard you can try the first few meters back and forth. If you lean your weight or center of gravity forward, the e-board accelerates and drives ahead. Reversing is initiated by shifting your body’s center of gravity backward.

Hoverboards for Children |Brakes

The braking process is initiated by the driver shifting his body weight against the direction of travel. If you drive forward, you have to shift your center of gravity backward. If you drive backward, you just lean forward.

Kids Hoverboard – recommendation for small LED fans

Small children like it bright and colorful: The Kids Hoverboard confirms these criteria. LEDs are installed on the tread, on the mudguards of the tires and the e-board is also available in different color variations. Good for the parents: At around 170 Pounds, it is the cheapest and at 8 kilos the lightest model in our hoverboards for children in the test comparison.

Kids Hoverboards – Recommendation for fast runabouts thanks to the quality battery

At first glance, the Kids Hoverboard and Robway are very similar. The tires are 6.5 inches in both cases and the e-boards are therefore best suited for flat, solid surfaces. The LEDs are also comparatively generously integrated with the Robway.


However, there are differences mainly in terms of payload weight. Robway should only be used from a weight of 30 kilos so that the sensors work properly. This means, for example, that only then does the self-balancing function guarantee easy mounting and dismounting, without the electric board unintentionally becoming independent and people or objects being damaged.

An important aspect when choosing a hoverboard is a qualitative battery: The Hoverboards for Kids has an integrated Samsung battery. If you want to give your children, nieces, nephews and co. a durable hoverboard, you won’t go wrong with the Robway. App control and a practical carrying case are further advantages.

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