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Learn To Draw Snoopy Drawing Easy | Drawing Easy Tutorial

 Learn To Draw Snoopy Drawing Easy | Drawing Easy Tutorial

Drawings Easy Peanuts appear to have been around for ages. The animated series Peanuts, popularly known as Charlie Brown, started as a comic strip. I’ve made a straightforward, step-by-step sketching instruction that builds up Snoopy’s design using fundamental shapes.

Snoopy, the beagle, owned by Charlie Brown, is a likable canine. Drawings Easy are something that young children may do but teens and adults will also like. Here are some simple instructions and a tutorial for drawing Snoopy. Good luck.

How to Draw Snoopy Drawings Easy:


  • Draw Snoopy’s basic shape initially, working your way up to more complex ones. I assure you that drawing him now will be less difficult. Make an oval for his feet, ears, and face. Make circles for the hands and connect them with lines, as shown above.


  • To make it easier to position the facial features, divide the face in half horizontally (right and left) and vertically (up and down) using guidelines.
  • To represent the nose, eyes, and eyebrows, draw an oval for the nose, two shorter downward-curving lines, and another downward-curving line. Noting where they stand about the boundaries you established will be easier.


  • Draw Snoopy’s face form using the facial oval you created in step 1 as a guide.


  • Cut off Snoopy’s mouth.
  • Remember that Snoopy’s smile extends from his right eye to the bottom of his nose.


  • Draw Snoopy’s ears as shown above using the oval ears you sketched in step one as a guide.


  • Next, fill in the lines drawn around the circles with Snoopy’s hands and fingers. As you can see, the fingers have humps that resemble the letter “m” or the number “3.”

SNOOPY from The Peanuts character has some interesting information

Snoopy appears in the Peanuts cartoons. Charles M. Schulz created the character at the start of a comic book series in 1950. The author’s pet served as the model for the original Snoopy paintings. He first appeared as the conventional pet of another character in the comics, but later, he was shown to walk straight and behave more formally.

Did you understand it?

  • This character appeared in the 1972 animated film “Snoopy, Come Home.”
  • Since 1965, a lot of movies with musical interludes have been televised.
  • He has a brown doghouse, a black spot on his back, black ears, and a red collar. He is a Beagle dog in white.
  • His alter identities include the outgoing Joe Cool, leaning against a wall and wearing dark sunglasses and a red sweater, and the World War II fighter Flying Ace, wearing a brown leather helmet, flight goggles, and a red scarf.
  • His closest buddies include Franklin, Linus, Marcie, Patty, Pigpen, Sally, Schroeder, Woodstock, Lucy, his lover, and Charlie Brown, the company’s founder.
  • A “Charlie Brown Christmas tree” is a plant that has few ornaments.
  • In the book Black Wind, Snoopy is an autonomous underwater vehicle; in Arizona, Snoopy Rock is a red geological formation; and in Vietnam, Snoopy’s Nose is a curve in the Mekong River.
  • In addition to NASA, the US Air Force, MetLife, Loyola College, Minnesota International Airport, and Sonoma County Airport, he also acts as the mascot for several other institutions. Six songs, postage stamps, and the Silver Snoopy medal are other accomplishments.

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