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Know the cost of healthcare app development with us!

 Know the cost of healthcare app development with us!

Costs for high-end medical facilities are constantly shooting up post covid, which has triggered the demand for digitalization of the healthcare industry. Now people are looking out for a platform that helps patients, doctors, nurses & rest of the stakeholders.

Patients are moving towards health apps for medical needs, basic health examinations, and tracking their regular medical activities to get on track of a healthy lifestyle. Development of apps which are specially designed to track daily activities and provide medical care is on the rise.

Due to the expertise required in development of health apps the cost of creating the application is considerably higher than the rest of the domains.

Let’s talk about the factors on which the development price depends. But, before starting that you must know the types of healthcare apps & features involved in it.

Type of Healthcare apps

Appointment scheduling apps

Appointment scheduling apps can be developed to deliver immediate and remote medical supervision. In such apps, doctors are provided with a calendar that has the ability to insert and change schedules, store patient’s information, payment options and much more functionalities. Pop-ups or in-app notifications can also be inserted to remind users of scheduled appointments.

Patient monitoring

These apps help the doctors & health professionals to keep track of patients’ conditions & progress during treatment. They store all the medical reports of the individual, which doctors can use anytime.

Mental health assistance

These applications are developed to take care of the patients’ mental health. They help in promoting self-care, meditation, sound sleep, and stress relief to the users.

Women’s health apps

These apps are mainly for women’s healthcare & guide them to live a healthy life. They provide facilities to track pregnancy, periods, & daily activities. For early diagnosis, these apps are always helpful.

Fitness apps

The fitness apps are used by those who are very conscious about their fitness. This app helps users connect with trainers to maintain their diet & other activities to live a healthy life.

What features will the Healthcare application have?

Healthcare applications have some essential features that can be used by used by both patients & health experts. These are-

Login & Profile

Login details are necessary for healthcare apps. The profile of the user & doctors is required.

It included their personal information, the expertise of doctors, and the medical history of patients.

Search & Filter

It is convenient for users to use the filter option in searching for a doctor based on their specialty, living area, availability of a doctor at that time & cost.

Video & Audio calls

This feature helps both parties to connect and share their talk easily. The doctors can easily monitor patients & they can also get in touch with experts very quickly.

Schedule a booking

Booking a time for the analysis of health conditions is essential for patients. Therefore, they provide the facility to book doctors’ available timing slots for the patients. Doctors receive a chart to confirm their availability & bookings for patients.

Payments options

This feature is used by everyone who uses the apps. Doctors can get their fees directly from the patients paying them without any problem. This can be done by introducing various mobile wallets to the app or giving them the pay form card options.

What will be the cost of developing these healthcare applications?

The cost of app development for healthcare services is estimated after planning the development strategy & creating the wireframe design.

The development cost of an application is based on some factors. They are-


The design of a healthcare app will directly affect the cost of development. Selecting a simple design will cost less than choosing a complex design for your app.


A number of features you want to include in your health app also affects the cost. An app with new features & multiple functions will cost high compared to an application with fewer features & functions.

Platform (iOS or Android)

The selection of the platform will directly influence the cost of development. Android & iOS both have different development costs based on their market share.


The cost will also be affected by the development time for your application. Projects with many complex features will take time to develop, so it will increase developers’ prices.

Developers cost

The cost of developing a mobile application starts with the cost of developers. The company you select for generating an application will cost their charges also. So, it will also affect the entire development cost.

Wrapping up

Now, when you have a clear idea of the cost of app development for healthcare services, you need to find an expert to work with you.

Look into their portfolio of the company & select them based on their technical expertise. They will develop an app with your ideas and clarify all your doubts. So if you need more information, make sure to connect with the experts today!

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