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Key Aspects To Know About Eye Treatment And Vision Care

 Key Aspects To Know About Eye Treatment And Vision Care

If you are concerned about the condition of your eyes or are facing issues with vision, you may need to visit an eye doctor. However, before visiting a doctor, you need to decide which type of eye doctor is suitable for you. Indeed, an eye specialist can be of two types – optometrists and ophthalmologists.

If you are confused about the most suitable doctor for you, you need to have a good idea about the difference between the two. Let’s discuss this.


These are doctors who have specialized in taking care of your eyes. They are knowledgeable, trained, and experienced in both medical and surgical eye care. They have attended medical schools and have done a 1-year internship following the academic course after which they have spent a residency period of 3 years. An eye doctor in Lubbock may even get a 1 to 2 years fellowship after the residency period. So, they have studied a lot and imbibed a lot of knowledge and experience in treating eye problems.

They can offer comprehensive eye treatment and care services. This may include:

  • Eye examinations and vision services.
  • Medical treatment and care for eye conditions like iritis, glaucoma, chemical burns, etc.
  • Surgical treatment for trauma, cataracts, crossed eyes, glaucoma, etc.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of issues that may degrade your eyes over time such as diabetes, arthritis, etc.
  • Plastic surgery to rectify droopy eyelids


These doctors only offer vision care and eye care services. They are like primary health care providers for your eyes. They study Optometry for 4 years and got a degree in optometry. An optometry eye doctor in Lubbock may also get additional clinical training or complete a related fellowship. Their services include:

  •  Performing eye examinations and vision tests.
  • Prescribe contact lenses and eyeglasses.
  • Monitor eye conditions arising out of diseases like diabetes
  • Manage eye conditions like glaucoma, dry eyes, etc. However, you need to visit an ophthalmologist for treating eye conditions.
  • Provide vision aids and therapy

Combined Effort

However, vision and eye care is often a combined effort of optometrists and ophthalmologists. They often work shoulder-to-shoulder, to take care of your eyes. Visiting a doctor is necessary to make sure that there is no abnormality in your eyes. However, you may visit an optometrist eye doctor in Lubbock in a reputed optical store for stuff like vision field and acuity check, eyeglasses, contact lenses, checking lens prescriptions; adjusting and repairing glasses, contact lenses, and frames, taking facial measurements, etc. They can also help you to decide the type of lenses and frames that work best


If you have not yet decided whether to visit an ophthalmologist or an optometrist, you can visit an ophthalmologist. However, if you are suffering from near or far vision issues, you may just visit an optometrist in a reputed optical store. They have the experience and knowledge required in prescribing appropriate eyeglasses and contacts. You just need to make sure that you are visiting an optical store that is reliable and has several branches all over the country.



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