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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek: Things to do

 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek: Things to do


Kashmir is a heaven on earth. Well, the beauty of Kashmir makes this place a heaven. You must have seen many places in India but nothing can beat the beauty of Kashmir. Kashmir has many places where you can go and explore anything anywhere. You can do paragliding. You can enjoy a shikara ride on a boat, or a gondola this is a cable ride, play golf in a golf club, shop in the local market, or pony ride. If we talk about sports activities then you can enjoy river rafting, paragliding, skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, hot air ballooning, golfing, camel safari, and camping. But the most famous thing to do in Kashmir is trekking. One of the best areas for trekking is Kashmir. 


You can also go on a trek with friends and family to Tarsar Marsar trek.

You can find any type of trek in Kashmire

In this article, we are going to talk about a very beautiful and famous trek the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. One of India’s most stunning hikes is the Kashmir Great Lakes trip. You will find peace in the beauty of the mountains while trekking for the Kashmir Great Lakes trek.

In this article, we will be talking about all the things you can do while trekking to the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. But first of all, we should start preparing ourselves for this beautiful trek. 

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is not an essay trek. So this is not for any beginner who does not have any prior experience in trekking.


 Trek is moderate to difficult:


The grade of this trek is moderate to difficult. You will be facing some difficulties while going on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. Well, if we talk about the distance of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek then it is 72 kilometers. And the duration of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is 8 days. That means you will be completing this 72 kilometers trek in 8 days. And this trek is totally not for beginners. If you do not know trekking and if you do not have any prior experience in trekking then it is a big no for you. The difficulty of this hike ranges from moderate to severe.  So only those who know trekking and the difficulties they can face while trekking can trek on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. The max altitude of this trek is 13750 feet from the ground. 

Kashmir Great Lake trek


Well, the first and foremost thing to do to go on the Kashmire Great Lake trek is to prepare your health and body very well for the trek. If you are not in the habit of working out then going to the gym right now otherwise this trek will get difficult for you. You should start walking because you will not get any type of vehicle while trekking on the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. You ought to take as many walks as you can.. You should start doing yoga daily. Working on your breadth. Because you may face breathing difficulty on the trek. 

Now let us talk about what things you should do while packing for the Kashmir Great Lake trek. First of all, you should have a backpack with a rain cover on it. A walking stick with yourself so that you can walk smoothly. To stay hydrated, you must always have a water bottle with you. 

Then a first aid box or a personal medical kit. Carry all the necessary medicines for headaches, stomach pain, constipation, fever, and vomiting. If you have any kind of health problem then carry the medicines for the same too. The next thing to keep yourself in your backpack is some snacks. Some snacks like energy drinks, protein bars, biscuits, electoral powder, ORS, etc. 


Now let us pack for your clothes, carry four full sleeves t-shits, jackets, caps, gloves, socks, innerwear, wind and waterproof jacket and pants, and pair of trek pants. Do forget to keep sun cream, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial powder, toothbrush and toothpaste, and lip balm. Keep a few packets of wipes and a small towel. Keep a head torch with you. 

Now let us talk about the things that you can do in the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. 

1- Play cricket 

Well, Indian love cricket so much. So playing cricket at an altitude of 13750 feet is another level experience for you. If you are not a cricket fan then also you will love to play cricket on a huge ground on this trek. Once in your life, you must have played cricket. This first would be your favorite, But if you will play cricket on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek then this will become your second most favorite time. You will not be scared of throwing the ball. Surrounded by huge mountains covered with snow and playing cricket is all you need to remember this trek. 


2- Fishing

You are going on a trek that is full of lakes that is why this is called the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. You can do fishing in Vishansar and Gangbar lakes. So do not forget to take a fishing stick in your backpack. So that you can enjoy this activity in the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. 

Well, you can explore the Kashmir Great Lakes trek by yourself. When you will explore this palace by yourself then this will be more adventurous for you. 

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