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Kanat Sultanbekov Offers Expert Guide to Beginners in Construction Business to Thrive

 Kanat Sultanbekov Offers Expert Guide to Beginners in Construction Business to Thrive

Managing a construction project is fairly challenging, and especially stressful for newcomers in the industry. Once you work on a series of projects, you will have better insight into how to deal with different challenges, and save time, money, and resources. To get success in this industry, make sure to follow the expert tips below:

Kanat Sultanbekov – Newcomers in construction business success guide

Pre-Plan the schedule of your construction project

The largest number of construction projects end up with delays that exceed their budget sheer due to improper planning and ineffective project management. Kanat Sultanbekov is a notable personality in the construction industry based in New York. As per his version, since a construction project involves the functioning of multiple sections and processes, all they need to carry out their jobs according to the schedule for successful completion of the project.

As a construction manager, you will have to work with the team managers, administrative workforce, designing experts, contractors, sub-contractors, and more. To ensure your construction project operate efficiently, having a pre-planned, realistic timeline for the construction project is essential

Listen to team leaders

When it comes to construction project, experience and knowledge is the key. As a beginner in the construction business, make sure to leverage the experience of the team leaders who are working in this industry for several years.

Often they will help you in correct decision-making and provide realistic and viable solutions to overcome the different problems that occur in different phases. Their experience helps them to identify gaps before they emerge as big problems. However, make sure the team leaders are trustworthy and have a reputation in the market. Getting their ideas will not only help you to stay away from various hurdles but also can save you time and money.

Open a transparent communication

Having a transparent and consistent communication channel lessens the chances of possible errors. This will help in understanding and dealing with real-time online issues instantly and seamlessly which expedites the process of functioning.

Make sure to use cutting-edge teamwork software that enables team members to access the central data source to get the required information. This will help your site staff to have thorough insights into day-to-day operations and problems of the construction site and work together with the offline workforce that increases work efficiency and productivity.

Always have realistic goals

Setting up project deadlines is a vital part of construction project management. Accordingly, make sure to break down the entire project work into small parts and each of them should have an individual timeline. This will help you to measure if fractional pieces of job work continue as planned.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov – having some flexibility of time with a buffer of 1- 2 days is a great way to manage possible issues like delayed delivery of raw material and eventually helps you to complete your project work by its timeline.

Upgrade the skillset of your team members

Providing necessary training and upgrading the skill sets of your team members is vital to let them work without any hassle especially when they work with more advanced construction machinery and devices. Their improved skills will help them to perform better while lessening the chances of potential workplace injury.

Although as a beginner employee training may appear time-consuming and costly for you. But it makes sense to look at the big picture because skilled construction workers mean improved efficiency, higher productivity, and quality work. All these are integral to meeting the deliverables, completing the project on time, and building your corporate reputation.

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