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Joomla: Why You Should Consider It While Putting Together a Business Website


It goes without saying that every business organization today needs to have a website of its own, regardless of the size or scale at which it operates. If you own a company and do not have a website yet, you should start working towards putting together one.

Creating a website for a business organization is not an easy process. More importantly, a lot of thought needs to go into creating one. Apart from making the website user-friendly, you need to be sure about how it will look different from the websites of your competitors. Most businesses hire a web developer or a web designing agency to create a website for them.

Even if you hire somebody to do the job for you, you need to have some idea about the tools or elements that will be used in the website development and designing process. If you have some idea about website development but are confused as to which content management system or CMS to go for, you should consider using Joomla.

What You Should Know About CMS?

CMS or Content Management System can be largely defined as a web-based application that can be used by multiple users. The different users are granted permission at different levels so that different sections of information, data or content pertaining to a website-related project can be managed effectively. 

When a business website is launched, the different members of the team are given a variety of tasks to execute. Some of these tasks include adding, editing, reporting, distributing, deleting, publishing and collaborating on content. To perform all these tasks effectively, the team would require the support of a well-structured CMS system. 

What is Joomla?

Joomla can be best described as an open-source CMS or content management system that is widely used for publishing digital or web content. It is noted for winning several reputed awards and is based on an independent framework. 

One of the many reasons why a large number of people use Joomla worldwide is because it is available at zero cost. As compared to many other website-related software and tools, Joomla is far more user-friendly. It is also highly accessible, extendable and multilingual. Many also prefer it as it is search engine optimized.

Who Is It For?

Being a highly versatile content management system, Joomla caters to a wide range of businesses, entities and individuals. Some of the parties that benefit hugely from the web development services of Joomla are business websites, digital magazines, personal websites, e-commerce companies, portals designed for schools and colleges, newspapers, corporate websites, intranets and extranets. 

The Joomla framework is highly intricate and offers a variety of useful features to clients including application bridges, custom product catalogs, reservation systems, communication tools, complex business directories, e-commerce systems and data reporting tools.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Joomla while putting together a business website:

  • Accessible

Most business owners do not possess the requisite skills to work on coding and a few other things that are required to get a website up and running. While a web development company will create a website for you, you need to have access to it as well. 

You should be able to log into your account easily, do the work you wish to do, get information about the visitors and draw out important statistics. One of the things that make Joomla great for website development is that it enables you to add and edit content without any restrictions. Once you opt for Joomla services, you can manage and control your website with effortless ease. 

  • User-Friendly

When we say a website should be user-friendly, we just don’t mean that it should be easy to use only for visitors. The business or the company should also find it easy to comprehend and work around. 

After launching a website of its own, a company often struggles with things like content delivery and workflow management. As a content management system, Joomla is highly flexible and gives you the freedom to manage the website conveniently. Joomla comes armed with over 65 translation packs that enable you to engage in multilingual content management. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

For a business organization, having a website is not enough. You need to have a website that is SEO-friendly and easily discoverable. A website that is hard to find or come across will not help your business. From using the right keywords to having web pages that are fast and responsive, you need to do a lot to ensure that your website is search-engine optimized.

Joomla has a dedicated feature that helps you put together SEO-friendly websites. Along with Metadata, this platform offers you keywords and other content that lends support and structure to URLs that are search-engine friendly. With every content creation process, you can be sure about the SEO ranking of your website improving. 

  • Extendible

Most businesses face a lot of issues while trying to expand their website or add new features to it. You will face no such issues if you reach out to a company that offers Joomla consulting services. Once you opt for Joomla, you can add plugins, templates, modules and several other components as and when you like.

Based on your preferences, you have the option of making modifications in the source code of the different elements or components used. Joomla has a well-defined and elaborate directory featuring extensions that contribute greatly to the growth or development of a website. It provides you with several premium templates that can be customized conveniently. 


Before you use Joomla to create a website for your company, it would be a good idea to study it for some time and figure out the ways in which it can help you. If you are looking for a reliable web development company providing Joomla consulting services, you should get in touch with nvish.com. 

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