• June 21, 2024

JavaScript SEO and the changes in the SEO agencies

 JavaScript SEO and the changes in the SEO agencies

There is a way through which a search engine can differentiated when a JavaScript website or a website that have some JavaScript on their web pages. Suppose, you would have your normal website made in HTML, but in the case of JavaScript, the website is well recognised by the search engine. In the case of a proper JavaScript site, the web page on which the text would be there depends upon the JavaScript. JavaScript SEO is more of a technical SEO that is certainly better than HTML. It is simply because there is more to put to make the website visible to the target audience.

Understanding the rendering is very crucial in understanding the JavaScript SEO. Renderings consist of all the templates, content, images and other things you generally see on the web page. The search engine would first try to understand your website before displaying it to the user.

In that case, JavaScript SEO is considered to be error-free.

The SEO industry has changed so much in the past 2 to 3 years. Google, the most popular search engine, changes its algorithm like 1000 times every year. The website has adapted to this thing by realising that change is the only thing that will be constant. Listed below are certain points elaborating what is an SEO and what are the changes it has gone through lately.


Content marketing focuses on using the exact keywords. This algorithm keeps on changing with search engines like Google. A few years back, the role of SEO was to use the exact keywords which the customers would use on Google. Later, Google would look into the website with those keywords and display them. Now the role of SEO, as well as the role of Google, has completely changed. Google now first identifies the intent behind the user’s needs, and then accordingly displays the results after passing multiple tests.

For example, if you are looking for clothes, now Google would first identify for whom you are looking for the clothes, whether it is for men or women or an infant. This way, the role of SEO has been updated altogether lately. These algorithms and techniques are best understood by an SEO agency that is why the business organisations hire them.

Usability of SEO

The search engines put the best of their efforts to let users have the best experience of the search engine and the website they are using through the search engine. To ensure this, Google started that the site which will load their ranking easily on Google will automatically get better.

Also, Google warned the website against popping that comes while you are on a web page. The security provided by Google to its users has increased so that users can use and do safe surfing. Another thing that gets included in providing a better experience to the user is whether the website is mobile-friendly or not. Google is making sure that its user is safe while getting the best products/services. There are a lot of tools and techniques with the SEO agency to help any business to increase their revenue.

So, it has now become a necessity to hire an SEO agency for getting better at businesses.


At times, there is a very heavy website that cannot be managed by HTML. In that case, JavaScript is there to handle them. There are JavaScript SEO best practices used to get better results. The most important thing is to hire an SEO agency that does the required work for the business so that the profit of the businesses gets increase in the long term.

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