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Is Turkey The Hotspot for Dental Tourism?

 Is Turkey The Hotspot for Dental Tourism?

Holidays are meant to be enjoyable, but you may also choose a destination to treat a health condition. When it comes to dental health, selecting a foreign location can be a complicated affair. You need to consider various factors before ideally choosing a health-related travel destination. It has to be convenient, affordable, and offer top-quality health facilities.

Turkey is one of the premium health destinations that allows you to receive superior dental treatments done with top-class dental equipment for a fairly reasonable budget. Dental Tours Turkey are not uncommon. The resort city of Turkey, Antalya can be added to your list of places with maximum dental healthcare centres. The Turkish city is said to experience lots of tourist traffic recently and most of them visited Antalya to seek the best dental treatments.

Define Dental Tourism

Dental tourism literally means visiting foreign countries to gain affordable dental care, treatment, surgical treatment, or complex dental procedures. People generally travel abroad when they feel that dental treatment in their country is too expensive. Dental tourism in Turkey helps international patients get cost-effective dental care and thus save money.

Dental Tourism in Turkey

When you compare the excellent dental treatment offered by countries other than Turkey, you will be amazed to notice the price differences. Dental treatments in Turkey are far cheaper and more affordable than in other countries. This has made Turkey one of the most trusted nations in terms of travel destinations. The dental facilities in Turkey offer sophisticated cosmetic as well as non-cosmetic dental treatments to patients. These treatments are provided by certified professional general dentists and cosmetic dentists.

The Turkey Ministry of Health supervises and manages almost 1300 private and public hospitals. The country is a well-known health tourism nation earning substantial revenue through medical health tourism.

Dental Treatments Offered in Turkey are as Follows:

  • Veneers, dental crowns, dental composite bonding, dentures
  • A smile makeover, teeth whitening with laser, gum contouring, dental facelift
  • Tooth extraction, cavity filling, dental fillings, and root canal treatment 
  • Dental implants such as sinus lifting, bone grafts, titanium implants, implant abutments, and metal-fused porcelain crown implant

If you wish to embark on a Dental tour in Turkey, you should consider your options carefully. If you are travelling on a limited budget, you may want quality services for discounted price rates. You can save almost 60 percent of your money by considering dental treatment in Turkey as compared to other Western or European countries.

You can secure the best dental specialist and get an economical treatment plan without compromising on service quality. European patients can book direct flights to Istanbul or Turkey from Europe. You can get the same quality of competitive treatments as offered by other countries like France, Switzerland, or Germany.

Dental treatment provided by DentGroup Antalya – Lara Dental Clinic can be the most suitable solution for all your dental issues. The clinic, established in 2016 by dentists Mujdat Kucukkaya and Ahmet Gulerik, is a leading dental centre in the city. Experienced dentists provide comprehensive dental care services in all branches of dentistry.



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