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Is Internet Connection Slow? Install A Wavlink Router Setup

 Is Internet Connection Slow? Install A Wavlink Router Setup

Some internet problems are irresistible: Wavlink router setup is not even helping. In these cases, we are not able to do anything. But some issues are caused by extenders not Set Up. No issue as we are up with a lot of tips for setup. So be worry free now, just read the article and follow.

Why are Wavlink Devices Necessary?

The Internet is a need of life. But no one can predict how it will start to crawl or become even more slow than expected. Sometimes it can be because of the web interface or VPN etc. But, we are here with a number of troubleshooting tips to resolve the issues.

Check External Interference On Device

Almost everyone has iPhones, iPads and other more Gadgets, which can sometimes face the problem of electronic interference. By some other devices. So just cut off the interference immediately to help your internet connection while making it more swift.

Simply plug in wireless WiFi. If your internet is still slow and you are finding a way out to resolve the issues. Although, we suggest plugging a modem directly to your desktop.

Cut Off Bandwidth Breakers On Wavlink Extender

Many users can make the internet connection slow by taking all the bandwidth space. Freeloaders can take the space if you are unable to open the protection to your WiFi network.

  • So all homeowners are advised to protect the routers by the access point.
  • If your WiFi networks are automated then it is more important to keep it safe. Every device which uses bandwidth is likely to make it less automated.
  • Nothing works, try an extender setup with wifi.wavlink.com.

Wavlink Extender Setup using WPS Method

  1. First, plug a wavlink extender in a power outlet and turn on back.
  2. Then hold the WPS button of the extender.
  3. Then, wait for two minutes, and press the WPS button of the router.
  4. The LED signal lights of the extender will turn to blue to indicate the WPS connection is successful.

Change The Settings of the WiFi Router

If you are having a WiFi router then, try that you only change the channels setting of your router.

Mostly the router broadcasts the same WiFi signals. On some routers, you need to choose the channels specifically from 1 to 11. This might be very simple as checking the wireless channels are being used by nearby networks and choosing one that’s not in use. To change the WiFi wireless channel of The Router:

  • Open the internet browser and type in the address bar. This will take you to the router’s configuration page where you can easily change the network name SSID, Wavlink router password, or wireless encryption settings.

Update The Software

Updating the software of the router is more important since performance and security stability is more important than updating your router. However, a new router might install software updates manually. Every router has a different configuration which takes some time to update the software. Enter your router’s IP address in any browser on the phone to access WiFi settings.

Computer health can affect internet connections. A definite problem will be caused by spyware and viruses. Adding up the computer programs, will regain the space in the hard disk and run computer programs.

Spyware and Heavy Viruses

Bugs and Viruses can be two of the most frequent causes of poor Internet performance. Spyware can make your system slow by entering into your browser and monopolizing the connection.

You can lose connectivity if the issue gets severe. These bugs monitor the keystrokes, which adds in delay. The problem will compound the spyware program when the other programs will be running simultaneously.

Viruses in the computer will cause poor internet connection and bad internet performance also, which will lead to breaking the internet connection bandwidth at any cost. So, it is good to run antivirus software.

Computer health can affect internet connections, a definite problem: By adding up computer programs, the computer will regain the space in the hard disk and running computer programs.

Browser Add-Ons

  • Browse Multiple programs such as Search bars and many media add-ons that mostly appear on your toolbar. Therefore, it can add a rich browsing experience.
  • By offering specialized document viewing, and multimedia. Web browsers, need a certain amount of computing memory to run the disk space efficiently.
  • The web browsing page you first see gets downloaded and then it gets saved to temporary disk files.
  • Hence, the computing power of internet explorer can cause delay while running the other programs.


We hope tips given in the article were enough to troubleshoot the issues, which cause slow internet. If not, then you can use a Wavlink router login to resolve the issues easily.

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