• June 21, 2024

Introducing Reiki Kabbalah: A Unique New Style of Energy Healing 



Are you looking to deepen your understanding of energy healing? If so, look no further than Reiki Kabbalah. This unique new style of energy healing is revolutionarily different from any other form of energy healing currently in-place at this time. Developed by Derek Bliedung, owner of the Reiki Kabbalah Center in Columbus, Ohio, this powerful tool combines elements from Quantum Touch, Shalom and Oonan mantra practices, and Reiki running of energy – creating a powerful experience for practitioners. 


What Makes Reiki Kabbalah Different? 


Reiki Kabbalah stands out from other traditional styles of energy healing because it focuses on the concept of “healing through presence” rather than using specific techniques or strategies. Its power comes from its ability to create an atmosphere that allows healing to occur naturally and effortlessly. Additionally, it also looks at how we can use our physical bodies as a way to heal ourselves on a deeper level, which has been proven to be incredibly effective for those who suffer from chronic pain or illness. 


The Benefits Of Reiki Kabbalah 


Reiki Kabbalah has many powerful benefits for both practitioners and recipients alike. For practitioners, it provides an opportunity to learn more about the power of presence and how that can have a positive impact on their own lives as well as others around them. On the other hand, recipients can benefit greatly by experiencing the deep relaxation and sense of peace that comes with participating in a session with a practitioner trained in this style of energy work. Additionally, studies have shown that regular practice may lead to improved mental clarity and overall wellbeing. 




For those looking to discover more about themselves while exploring alternative forms of healing, Reiki Kabbalah website could be an excellent option. With its focus on presence rather than techniques or strategies, it offers an effective way to access deeply held emotions while also learning valuable lessons about self-care along the way! Whether you’re interested in becoming a practitioner or simply want to give it a try for yourself – if you’re based in Columbus Ohio – be sure to check out Derek Bliedung’s services at the Reiki Kabbalah Center!

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