• May 22, 2024

Increase Your Business Revenue With A Multi-Service Gojek Clone App

A multi-service business is fantastic if you have the opportunity to launch everything from it. A well-made Multi Service Gojek Clone App is really helpful in today’s tech-savvy world. Choosing and purchasing numerous types of things from various locations is fairly tough. However, individuals can now buy groceries, food products, and other items comfortably at home thanks to the use of applications and mobile phones. 

Utilizing trends, having everything in their hands, and receiving deliveries at home is made much easier by mobile applications. People who are unable to search for and use many apps for various needs can benefit greatly from a multi-service app. Because of this, a super-multi-service app can make users more useful and time-saving for their demands.

What Is Gojek White-label App Solution?

With a white-labelled Gojek-like app, your company will essentially begin a new chapter.

White-labelling is the process of modifying a pre-made app solution to reflect the name, logo, and other distinctive features of your business.

You can start the business in a week as it doesn’t require much time to develop and most importantly doesn’t ask you to break your bank.

How Gojek Clone App Will Increase Your Online Business Revenue

Detailed planning

To launch a multi-service app, you must have the best plan, and we all know that the owner of a single app must carefully plan and comprehend every stage of the development process. For a multi-service app, you must take more factors into account.

Choose a platform

The best app development requires selecting the appropriate platform. A native app, cross-platform app, or online app are all options. For extremely mobile applications, you must plan for both iOS and Android apps.

Integrate new features

The features you choose for your multi-service app must be good ones. This can be Taxi booking using iWatch App, Restricted driver’s fraud, Service Bid, On-demand Medical services, Online Video Consultation, Video Calling, Multiple Credit Card Management, etc. Depending on the location and customer’s preferences you need to choose the features.

Using latest technologies

Checkout the latest app technologies that you can implement in your Super App. Collaborate with the professional app company who can provide you with the right guidance on the technologies used and how it benefits your Online Business.


You can test the application from every angle to find and correct errors after all requirements and development have been met. As soon as the bugs have been fixed, you can launch it. You can do more study to outwit your competition when you launch the app.

Gojek Clone Monetization Methods

  • Commission from order placed: In order to increase their sales, several companies partner with Gojek, which levies a modest commission on each order that is successfully completed through the app.
  • Consumer commissions: For each order, it also charges a commission to the customer. Every issue may be solved easily with Gojek.
  • For each delivery they make, delivery partners and the individual driver each get a small commission. 
  • Apart from this, you can earn by leveraging Subscription fees, Cancellation charges, 3rd party Ad Banners, Promo-codes/Discounts, Loyalty programs, etc.

Why Invest In Gojek Clone App Solution?

For business owners looking to carve out a unique niche for themselves in the industry, the Gojek clone is the ideal option. An app that is a Gojek clone has several benefits. More than $50,000 may be needed to establish one application for a single service, such as food delivery or taxi booking. Since Gojek offers 52 distinct services, developing an app similar to it will be less expensive for business owners. Therefore, using a Gojek clone and modifying it to match your user’s needs is the best option.

It doesn’t take as long to create a Gojek clone app as it does to create a prototype. The app boosts your business and is quick to install on digital platforms. Given that Gojek is the most widely used software and is beloved by most users, the time is right to provide an improved version of Gojek.

Wrapping Up

It is substantially less expensive to create an app using a Gojek Clone Due to the growing popularity of the on-demand services sector, it is possible that Gojek may generate 335 billion dollars in revenue by the year 2020. The time spent on app development is no longer necessary; instead, launch your Gojek clone and concentrate on marketing.

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