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Importance Of Safety Perspective For Advertising Hoarding Boards

 Importance Of Safety Perspective For Advertising Hoarding Boards

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 requires that employers take steps to ensure the safety of their employees around the construction site.

In addition, CDM regulations require hoardings to clearly state who is allowed to be allowed to access the location and give access to staff members who have been approved only.

Building site hoarding must always be in compliance with these guidelines regardless of the size or scope of the London project.

What Are Hoardings?

Hoarding for construction sites is built into posts, or freestanding, with ballast boxes connected to scaffolds or bolted using capture feet.

The installation of hoardings creates a very secure and safe perimeter around the site and is often more than two metres high. The hoardings are temporary but will fall down quickly after the completion of the job.

What Is The Significance Of Hoarding?

Similar to commercial fencing, construction site hoarding aids in keeping the intruders out. It is not just designed to ensure security and safety, however; it also keeps the construction site from view so that the contractors can work without fear.

This is where advertising hoardings boards are used. Today, businesses might decide to promote their services, sell space to other companies or give information about the new property.

Hoarding firms like ours are required to assist construction companies within the London region to complete their work efficiently and with minimum effort. Hoardings for construction sites from Pankhurst Contracting Ltd do exactly what they say.

Hoarding: Some Thoughts

Your commercial fencing needs to be able to withstand strong winds and deter potential invaders. Hoarding on construction sites should work similar to a hoarding system.

It must be sturdy in the ever-changing London weather with wind load for the stability needed. Other signage, CCTV and other loads can put additional pressure on the hoarding’s installation or cause an imbalance.

This is the reason why site hoarding must carefully think about designs and calculations in order to ensure that they are providing high-quality security.

Modern Advertising Hoarding Boards For Adverts

While fencing for commercial use safeguards your property Hoarding installations provide the added benefit of promotional space.

Advertising hoardings boards can be very memorable, especially in cities such as London where there is a large amount of pedestrians. You can advertise your company, cover the walls in artful design or draw more attention to the amazing work you are doing.

Creative Construction Hoarding Ideas

Construction hoarding is an irresistible chance to promote any new product. A well-designed and constructed construction hoarding is eye-catching as well as informative, and strong for your image.

The most effective method to create enthusiasm and interest among potential clients is to hoard using expert graphic design, high quality production, and established expertise in property marketing.

Different Methods Of Designing Construction Hoarding

The methods used to design construction hoarding differ. When we create hoardings for agencies, as well as directly for customers we know the goal of the hoarding, and therefore modify or adapt the design to suit.

Residential Or Commercial Property

Graphics that are impactful are vital when designing hoardings to property developers.The visuals must stick out without being extremely busy. The logo and brand name must be prominently displayed and the brand’s guidelines must be strictly followed.


When you promote a restaurant it promotes its brand’s image and ethos , not only the delicious food. The restaurant’s identity should be reflect in the exterior of your restaurant and decorate it with a unique concept.

It is essential to create ambiance and present the ambience of the new restaurant clearly prior to the time it opens. It is crucial to create an atmosphere of demand prior to the opening.


The hoardings that are construct for retail shop are very important even in this day and time of shopping online. It is essential to select bright colours since they help to make the hoardings appear attractive.

Healthcare Facilities

It is essential to create an attitude of optimism and peace in the medical environment. Hospitals can be a bit intimidating however they can also provide hope and assist a large number of individuals. In areas where developments are taking place it’s a good idea to think about creating hoardings instead of greeting guests and patients with wooden panels.

Hoardings Of Various Types That Are Used Frequently

Hoarding designs are usually of ACM (sometimes call Dibond) panels that are to the hoarding’s plywood. This is a powerful promotional method to reach out to a large public with minimal effort and minimal maintenance.

Hoardings are require for security reasons; it makes sense to use the vast metres to market, especially if you’re looking to sell your property off-plan.

Printing hoardings can help deliver messages without resorting to highly-personalise, hyper-target marketing strategies, which are more expensive and come in later in the sales cycle.

If you have an experience partner, hoardings can be much more than effective advertisements. They also boost the feeling of professionalism and increase the image with staff on site Hoardings that are well-design creates a stunning appearance for websites.

What Are The Various Types Of Printed Hoardings?

Construction Hoarding

The hoardings that surround construction sites typically contain promotional material, such as pictures of the site’s completion as well as the demographics the development is aim at (E.G. retirement community or family plot) as well as recruitment advertisements for developers.

Event Hoarding

Hoardings for events are typically locate outside or near offices or at events venues. The custom-design signs can be up wherever the event is happening. They can also be use as a navigation tool which is particularly helpful in large events like the NEC.

Development Hoardings

The purpose of hoardings for development is to advertise the latest developments and hopefully increase interest outside of the plan. These hoardings are place up to inform potential buyers of the developments and improve branding messages.

They are typically locate next to bustling traffic zones, where the majority of people are able to see them. 3D signs are often use on print hoardings in order to attract more interest.

Foamex Boards Benefits Signs

If you’re looking for signs or exhibits and displays don’t forget Foamex print-on-board. In this article, we’ll concentrate on:

Foamex’s Boards Will Last For A Very Long Time

If you choose to purchase signs or displays. If it’s something that you can do for one-off occasions like an exhibit and conference. There’s a possibility that you’ll require the displays to endure for an extended duration of time.

This is why hoardings are essential to give the user an area in which your images are less susceptible to and damage due to scratches. This could lead to an improvement in the lifespan of organisations and businesses which utilise their signage and displays outside.

Foamex Is A Great Printing Surface, And It’s A Quick Turnaround Surface

Are you working on an upcoming project that is nearing completion? If yes, do you require your displays and signs to be ready to be use?

Foamex signs can help you save your life since they’ve be credit with speeding up the process of print. This means that you’ll reduce turnaround times and aid with urgent printing needs.

Foamex Signs are Cost-Effective

foamex sheets

For any marketing director as well as office manager, there’s always the necessity to be aware of the budget. Site hoarding panels are able to handle high-definition pictures and huge files. But, it won’t cost you anything.

Therefore, 5mm foamex sheets printing can be an ideal choice and offer an inexpensive material that can aid in keeping marketing costs at a minimum without compromising the quality of photographs after printing has been completed.

What Are The Benefits Of Foamex Board Signs

To generate excitement for your company’s image on the market, it is crucial. Everything from digital branding to method you show and display your logo company is essential to effectively promote your company.

If you’re looking for flexibility, 3mm Foamex are a fantastic alternative for businesses looking for signs that are elegant and flexible.

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