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How to Prepare For an Immigration Medical Exam?

 How to Prepare For an Immigration Medical Exam?

All family members applying for a family-based green card must undergo a medical examination, which is a crucial step in the immigration process. The goal of the green card medical examination is to ensure that the relative applying for one does not have a medical condition that could render them inadmissible and ineligible.

It is typical for green card applicants to feel anxious about this stage of the application process. Boundless can assist you in finishing your green card application and guide you through the entire medical examination procedure. A thorough preparation can help you avoid any problems that delay or result in the denial of your green card application and lessen the overall exam stress.

Find a Civil Surgeon with Authorization:

To get your checkup done, you must first locate a licensed immigration doctor. Only medical professionals who have been approved may conduct immigration medical examinations. Military doctors, active military personnel, and designated dependents in military health facilities may also perform these exams.

It is a USCIS-authorized physician with years of experience assisting immigrants with completing Form I-693 medical exam.

Obtain reports on vaccinations and medical history:

It is crucial to prepare for your medical exam by gathering available medical records and vaccination proof because every citizen requires immigrants applying for residency to comply with vaccine standards. The civil surgeon will be able to complete your form more properly and assess if you fulfill the criteria for immunization and good health with the help of any additional information you can give them.

Due to prior immunization or other medical circumstances, you might not require some vaccinations, or you might not choose to have them. The civil surgeon performing your immigration physical exam will inform you of any immunizations required and can give those immunizations.

Complete I-693 Part 1 of the form:

Filling out Part 1 of Form I-693 medical exam and ensuring not to sign the document is the next step in getting ready for an immigration medical examination. The paper must be signed before the civil surgeon performs your examination. The doctor will complete all other Form components during your appointment.

Submit Your Medical Exam for Immigration:

Your physician will provide you the Form I-693 in a sealed envelope to submit to USCIS when your immigration physical exam is complete. You must insist on receiving the Form in a sealed envelope from the civil physician before accepting it. USCIS will return your Form I-693 if it is not enclosed in a sealed envelope or if it seems that the seal has been broken.

First, you need to ask your civil surgeon for a copy of your completed I-693 form, so you have it for your records. Please visit the USCIS website or contact your neighborhood USCIS Field Office for instructions on submitting Form I-693.

Recognizing the procedure:

A thorough medical exam is a requirement of the United States as part of the application process for citizenship or a visa for residency. In order to protect both your health and well-being and the community’s health and well-being, the government has included this crucial step.

Immigration medicals are used to confirm that you are up to date on your immunizations to stop the spread of infectious diseases. The Citizenship and Immigration Services has granted Medicine permission to conduct these necessary medical examinations.

Wrapping it up:

A general medical examination is a requirement of the United States as part of your application for citizenship or a resident visa. Therefore, if you are getting ready to become a citizen of the United States, you should be aware of the purpose of immigration physicals and what is required of you before the medical examination.

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