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How to Make Sure There is no Tampering with Your Packages

When sending packages to customers, the goal remains the same: you want them to arrive intact. The best way to prevent tampering is to use methods that will give you a certain amount of control over your packages. While it may all come down to the human element and morals of people handling the packages, you can still make sure they are safe and secured with the following tactics.       

  • Use special cushioning for valuables

One of the main concerns regards how to keep valuables and fragile items in one piece. Thankfully, the market is full of cushioning materials that you can use to secure your products, like bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts. Foam and cardboard inserts are another way to keep the items in one place and prevent them to move inside the boxes. 

Although the principle here is to eliminate space inside the packages, overstuffing them with cushioning can also be damaging and put pressure on the items. A lot depends on the type of products you are packing and whether they have sharp edges and how delicate they are. For example, molded paper pulp trays and finely chopped wood can be used for the shipping of fruits and vegetables.

  • Get special boxes for packaging

Cardboard boxes are replaced today with special ones that are intended to protect the package and dissuade any tampering. These tamper-resistant boxes have internal folds that serve as security barriers after the box is closed. They eliminate gaps and weak points on the boxes that once were the main point of entrance for the thieves. 

Moreover, if you use corrugated cardboard boxes, avoid reusing them. One of the main problems with cardboard is that over time it gets weaker due to moisture and handling, becoming easier to tamper with. So always send used cardboard to recycling and pack your items in new, never-used-before boxes. 

  • Place an extra-label inside the package

Even if the package is damaged from the outside, you can make sure it still arrives at its intended recipient. Internal labeling with your and recipient’s addresses and phone numbers will give necessary information on who to contact if the external label was unclear or fell off. It may not sound like your package is not tampered with, but accidents can happen and this measure will ensure the items are safe. 

  • Seal with tamper-evident tape

Tamper evident tape, also known as custom printed security tape, is a special way to deter possible thieves and those who just want to take a peek. When removed, they leave behind a message on the packaging, like “opened”, and ensure everyone knows that it was tampered with. 

This type of tape is especially useful when you use cardboard or carton materials since they require extra sealing.  That said, you should use them even when you use the toughest packaging methods, so no one gets an idea of trying to steal or damage your customers’ shipment. 

  • Try water-activated tape (WAT)

Water-activated tape (WAT) or gummed tape is famous for its strong hold and seal when applied on corrugated cardboard. Instead of using several strips to secure the package, it’s enough to apply only one strip of WAT. The glue on the tape combines with cardboard creating a bond that is not possible to break without showing signs of tampering. WAT comes in different widths and styles so your package can still look good even when packed for the utmost security and protection. 

  • Add a security seal

Using security seals is a good idea for those who want to invest in the security of their shipments of all shapes and sizes. Since there are different types of seals, you can choose the one that is the best for the products and items you are packing. For example, security bolt seals are for wooden crates and plastic pull-tight tags are better for bags. 

If you want to increase the protection, metal swing tags are considered quite efficient since they are secured with copper and lead. Another important thing to know is that you can add shipping information to seals so both you and the customers can trace and track the packages. 

  • Inspect your packages

Visual inspection is crucial if you want to ensure your package is protected from tampering and damage during shipping. It includes inspecting the items and how they are placed inside the packaging, as well as wrapped and secured. Also, take a look at the packaging itself to see whether it has tears, holes, cracks, and other potential ways to access the items. 

Once everything is in order, start applying tape, seal, and label to the package as a final step and first line of defense against tampering. One last visual inspection will let you know that your package is ready for sending or that you need to add an extra layer of wrapping for additional protection.

  • Use separate wrapping for more items

While you should add more wrapping for long-distance shipments, you need to wrap each item separately when packing multiple products. Items can move and bump on each other during delivery and that can damage them or the packaging. Additionally, wrapping items this way will make it harder for thieves to steal everything you have packed, at least.

If you don’t believe that separate wrapping is possible, it’s always better to pack the items separately as well. However, make sure your customers know this since this may create extra shipping costs and different delivery times for every shipment. 

  • Consider adequate insurance coverage

It’s hard to guarantee and ensure 100% efficient packaging against tampering. Even without ill intent, shipments may get lost or damaged when they leave your premises and before they arrive at the recipient’s doorstep. Insurance will provide financial security for items that are fragile or valuable, giving your business credibility with the customers.

Having insurance coverage in place can add extra costs to your business, but will save you from losses that come with damaging or losing the product. Not to mention that it may save you from a bad review left by the customers that can ruin your company’s reputation. Most shipping companies offer insurance, but you can get a separate policy specifically tailored for you and your products. 

  • Track your packages until they arrive

When choosing a shipping company, go for the one offering to track your packages online. Also, apply for alerts that will let both you and your customers know when the shipment will reach the destination. Besides letting you know the status of your shipment, it’s also a good way to find out whether it was received and signed for by the customer.

On occasion, you may encounter customers that try to deceive you and make you refund their money because they didn’t receive their package. Using tracking and alerts can help you avoid this issue and ensure that the shipping company will do its best to respect the set deadlines.

In conclusion

The best ways to prevent tampering with your packages mean to invest in materials you use for wrapping and change the technique of securing items when in transit. As a precaution, you can get shipping insurance, tracking, and visually inspect the packages before they are out of your facility. A business always has the best customer experience in mind, and guaranteeing your shipments are protected and safe is one of them. 

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