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How to ensure minimum repairing cost for a broken phone screen?



How often do you find yourself in the situation of having a damaged phone screen that needs immediate replacement? These days, this won’t happen as often because they’re made with a more durable Gorilla Glass. But, if you drop your phone, the screen may crack or break. In other words, whether you have an Android Phone or an iPhone, a damaged screen will need to be replaced. 


In this article, you can learn about the cost of replacement in case of mobile phone damage, ways to prevent your phone from getting broken, and secure your mobile device from any accidental damage. 

Cost of screen replacement 

The broken phone screen replacement costs for android phones, including Xiaomi, Oneplus, Redmi, Nokia, and Samsung, start from around Rs. 2,500, and for some high-end phones, broken phone screen replacement will cost up to Rs. 45,000. The price of Samsung phone displays is high. For example, a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip-screen replacement will cost you Rs. 45,000. That is why many people are interested in mobile insurance samsung


The cost of an iPhone broken phone screen also ranges between Rs. 13,500 to Rs. 31,000. So, seeing the price of screen replacement keeps us worried. The cost of the replacement also differs from one shop to another. That is why you need to determine whether to go with the authorised service centre (which will be a little costly) or seek the professional’s help from the repair shop ( less expensive). Getting it repaired from authorised stores and local shops has its own merits and drawbacks. 


If you choose to go with unauthorised repair centres, if your phone is under the warranty period, it will make your warranty and insurance void. But getting the phone fixed from the authorised store will make you pay more than the actual cost. 


Ways to reduce the repairing cost of broken screen

  • Contact the manufacturer

If your Android device is under warranty and is still relatively new, take it to the manufacturer to fix your phone. The price for a broken screen can vary based on your device, and you also have to wait a day or two without your device. Going to the manufacturer will always be more expensive than taking your phone to a third-party repair shop. Still, your warranty will stay intact, and your phone will be fully restored (even replaced with a refurbished model) to its former self. 

This can save you from replacing your device, saving you lots of money in the long run. If you go for less expensive ways of repairing it with local shops, you may lose the long-term benefits. However, if you are planning to replace your phone soon and want an inexpensive short-term option, you can opt to get it repaired from the local repair shops.  

  • Get professional help 

Regardless of how tech-savvy you are, DIY repairs always risk damaging your device and most likely void any warranties and insurance claims. Be sure you are aware of what you’re doing and its risks before you try to replace your cell phone screen. Don’t forget to disconnect your phone and turn it off before repairing it.


If you want to avoid the hassle of replacing your cell phone screen, you may opt for a cell phone screen replacement service by professionals. Cell phone screen replacement services can range anywhere from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 35,000 or more but will not void your warranty. Remember that you won’t have your phone for the duration of the repair and the duration of any related shipping.


However, seeking help from professionals is always better than doing it by yourself. Sometimes manufacturers and other third-party businesses provide you with professional cell phone screen replacement services. You can find such firms on the Internet and in physical stores like malls.

  • Buy an insurance 

You can take all the precautions to save the screen, such as covering it with the shock-absorbing case, adding tempered glass, etc. But the best way to reduce the broken phone screen is by insuring your phone. It helps you reduce the screen replacement cost and gives protection against all other costs such as damage to the phone or even loss of the phone. 

But the problem with insurance policies is the high premium. But now we have a great option, and you can buy Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance online with less premium and reduce your mobile repair cost. 


You can opt for a suitable mobile protection plan to secure your phone from any accidental damage that may occur in the future. You must always carefully analyse the terms and conditions of the policy before choosing a mobile protection plan to insure your smartphones. 

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