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How to elevate proficiency in spoken English?

 How to elevate proficiency in spoken English?

IELTS exam

To ace the IELTS exam, one must strictly solve the sample papers as these papers help the students acquire a profound knowledge of the exams. Therefore, if you wish to ace the IELTS exam then, acquire a profound knowledge of the exam through sample papers. You will learn that the exam is focused on accessing your proficiency in practical English instead of theoretical knowledge. 

So, now you must understand that your English must be strong enough to make you answer all the questions of each and every section of the IELTS exam. Do you desire to learn the English language with utmost proficiency? If yes, then read this article as this will elaborate on some tips to learn English with the utmost efficiency. 

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Learn English with the utmost proficiency to ace the IELTS exam by adhering to the tips mentioned below:

  • Follow the best book

No doubt, the internet is there to provide you with help in understanding the English language profoundly.  Furthermore, once you have acquired the best book, make sure to learn and analyze the grammar rules step-by-step regularly. 

  • Analyze

Note that you have to analyze every rule that you are learning. For example, if you are learning prepositions then, try to understand each preposition with the example. Create your ones and analyze the examples over the web to have a profound understanding of the grammar rules. Don’t cram as this will keep you away from becoming a pro-English speaker. Analyze each and every example of the grammar rule with patience to have a complete understanding.

  • Infinitive and gerunds 

Well, if you have studied English in your academic days, then we advise you to have a complete understanding of infinitives and gerunds before you move on to other grammar rules. We are pretty sure that a great acquaintance with infinitives and gerunds will help you in sentence formation. Then, move on to understanding sentence formation and other grammar rules such as prepositions, adverbs, etc. 

  • Tenses

Now comes the most important part of English grammar i.e. tenses. Our teachers have tried their best in making us familiar with the exact usage of tenses. However, if you are struggling to learn tenses then, we recommend that you must watch youtube tutorials to understand each rule profoundly. Comparison of each rule and their application with patience will facilitate the understanding of these rules. 

  • Be creative 

It is advisable to spare 30 or 15 minutes to create examples of the rules that you have learned today or the previous day. This will expose you to the English language  in your daily life. Write stories, rewrite the articles of the newspaper using new vocabulary, and solves quizzes to expand your knowledge and confidence. 

  • Be practical 

To learn English, stand in front of the mirror, and talk to your reflection on a topic as if you are conversating with another person. Get an excellent audiobook and listen to it daily to polish your English listening skills. Read the best novels to work on improving your reading skills. 

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We hope that you will try your best in making the English language a part of your daily life. Note that to flourish in the English language, you have to focus on exposing yourself to the English language through English songs, newspapers, stories, or movies. 

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