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How to Draw A Cartoon Elf

 How to Draw A Cartoon Elf

How to Draw A Cartoon Elf. Many fictional, mythical creatures exist in stories and legends worldwide.

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You get fantastic elves known for their archery and closeness to nature in fantasy stories, and you also get elves like the ones that help Santa Claus at the North Pole.

We will work on this second variant in this guide on drawing a cartoon elf!

This little elf is cute and detailed, and we’re here to show you how fun and easy it can be to recreate.

How to Draw A Cartoon Elf

Step 1

In this first step of our tutorial on how to draw a cartoon elf, we will outline this elf’s face and ears. We’ll even add his signature elf hat!

First, draw a curved stripe for his jaw and the bottom of his head. Next, we’ll add some large pointed ears on the sides of his head.

For the brim of his hat, he will have a curved line as the base, and the top of the brim will have many pointed sections.

Finally, draw the floppy top of his hat, add some decorative lines across it horizontally, and then add a small ball at the end.

Step 2

The outline of the head is done, and now we can give this elf his smiley face! Let’s start with the eyes. You can draw them as simple oval shapes containing smaller black ovals.

We then add some arched eyebrows and leave a lock of his hair sticking out of his hat. That’s all for directly, and then we can carry on to step 3!

Step 3

For now, we’ve finished the head and face of this cartoon elf, and in this third step, we’ll start drawing his body.

First, we draw the collar of his shirt. Like the brim of his hat, this one will have several pointed sections sticking out.

Finally, draw curved lines from the collar to the sides of his body for this step.

Step 4

So far, you’re doing an amazing job with this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon elf! In this step, we will add more to the body.

First, use curved lines to draw her thin arms from her shoulders. The one on the left points down while the other is raised.

Next, pull a thin belt with a buckle and add his shirt, which fans out from the bottom.

Step 5

Next, we will add some hands at the ends of her sleeves. These hands will be small, but they can still be tricky to draw!

At this point, you can stick closely to our reference image when drawing. With her hands drawn, we can start drawing the finishing touches in the next step!

Step 6

Are you ready to finish this cartoon elf design’s final details and elements before adding some color to it in the final step?

The main element that we will add in this step is the legs. The legs are quite thin and drawn with slightly curved lines.

Draw A Cartoon Elf

The one on the left is extended downwards. It will then have rounded booties at the end of the legs.

To refine his legs, we drew slightly rounded horizontal lines on his legs for the pattern on his pants.

Once the legs are done, we’re ready for the final step!

These can contain a background or some additional details. This could be a great way to add your touch to the design.

Step 7

This is the last step of this guide on drawing a cartoon elf; in it, we will have fun adding some color to this adorable elf.

Cartoon Elf Drawing

In our reference image, we just showed you one way to colorize it, and you can use this as inspiration for your version.

We’ve used some bright reds and greens for the various details of her outfit, making for a striking image!

But you can even use any additional color you like! Some glowing coloring media like crayons and markers would be great for this little guy, but what do you think you’ll use to color him in? Whatever you choose, it will be amazing in its way!

Your Cartoon Elf Drawing is Finished!

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