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How to convert Youtube video to mp3?

 How to convert Youtube video to mp3?

Let’s explain it again. Our next howto module is the most asked question in our email inboxes: Can users convert Youtube videos to mp3 using my online video converter? Our answer is simple: yes, you can! MyVid can convert Youtube videos to mp3 and save them on any device or any platform. On a search engine, you can search for “download video YouTube hd” or, if you speak Italian, “yt shorts download” to get the best YouTube video conversion tool.

How to convert Youtube video to mp3?

YTBvideoly youtube mp3 converter. try it. It’s very intuitive, the design is simple and functional, and the team behind it is constantly improving the user experience. YTBvideoly can convert videos from quite a few sites to mp3, Youtube is one of them, the most demanded, full of videos worth converting to mp3 for offline listening.

convert youtube to mp3

The process is very simple and very similar to the instructions on How To Download Youtube Videos, only in this case we have 1 extra step, well, 1 different step. Let’s get started, first we need to copy the Youtube video URL from somewhere like the browser or the Youtube app. The URL is then copied to the clipboard, we open MyVid and paste the URL into the white search box in the middle of the top page.

Now let’s click the red button on the right and see what happens. Thanks to the tiny messaging redesign covered earlier in this article, now instead of refreshing the page on every request, the new video information is displayed smoothly using AJAX. That’s why now the page scrolls slightly to where the information will pop up in a second.

Download converted mp3

This part is not yet mature, but it is about to mature. After clicking the red button, we see the information load, instead of going to the big red button, we look for the indicator in the mp3 download source table. Once found, press or click or tap it and the mp3 converter button will load. Click that button, and the download will magically begin after the conversion is complete, so you can be distracted from other things. Most downloads happen within 3-4 seconds, so you might just want to stick around.

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