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How To Check your Car Insurance Status Online?

 How To Check your Car Insurance Status Online?


Apart from getting the right car insurance that offers enhanced coverage, you also need to check and renew your car insurance in a timely manner. Also, according to the government’s mandate, it has become compulsory for every car owner to have proper third-party insurance. Now you can easily get your third-party car insurance online as well as check its status online. If you are confused about how to check your car insurance status online, keep reading to know more!

How to Verify Car Insurance Coverage Online?

Your car insurance coverage may have changed, or you might be curious about the driving record and the details associated with it. However, you can check all these by looking out for your car insurance policies online.


Suppose you have been in an accident and don’t know the insurance information of the car that caused it. In that case, they may look up facts like the vehicle’s history, registration number, etc. Since April 1, 2010, the IIB has kept computerized car insurance records.


The Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) is a data repository run by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) that has reliable statistics regarding the insurance industry in India. 


If you lose your policy documents or are involved in an accident and need to check on the car insurance, you may do so using the IIB site. First, let’s review basic search principles you should remember when using the IIB portal. 


  • Don’t use punctuation or symbols when entering your vehicle’s registration number.
  • The insurance company only reports the vehicle’s engine and chassis numbers regarding brand-new cars.
  • There is a three-time limit on searching the IIB website for a particular email address or phone number.
  • There is often a two-month data submission lag before they may check your auto insurance policy information online. As a result, the insurance status of brand-new car insurance will not be instantly accessible.


This online service may verify your car insurance policy’s validity. Checking your auto or motorcycle insurance status online requires the following steps:


  • Do not forget to record important information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, vehicle identification numbers, and the like in the event of an accident.
  • Visit the IIB website and fill out all the appropriate areas with your information.
  • If you are having trouble locating the insurance information using the VIN, try searching with other parameters, such as the engine or chassis number.


There are two reasons why checking on the renewal date of your third-party car insurance online policy is essential. Get your car’s VIN, home and cell phone numbers, accident site, and the date of the incident together before going online to check the status.

Check via the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)

Information about the third-party car insurance online policy may be accessed when the insurance buyer provides essential details. Entering the vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number) and policy expiration date will also reveal the policy’s status.

Let’s break down how to use the IIB site to verify auto insurance coverage:

  • Pay a visit to the IIB’s (Insurance Information Bureau) main website.
  • To access V-Seva, choose it from the “Quick Links” menu.
  • In this case, to the ‘Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System’ page.
  • Please fill out the form with your personal information (name, email, car insurance registration number, address, accident date, etc.).
  • Please type in the captcha code and click the “Submit” button.


The policy details will appear on the screen if the supplied information matches any car insurance registered on IIB. If they do not have a current insurance policy, the data from your prior coverage will be made accessible.

View the Current Status of your car insurance policy with VAHAN E-Services

The parivahan insurance status may be seen on the VAHAN e-services website if they cannot access it via the IIB portal. Find out how to do a third-party car insurance online verification:


  • Please take a look at VAHAN e-services on the official website.
  • The main menu option, “Know your Car Details,” lets you do just that.
  • Clicking this link will take you to the citizen login page, where you may input your registered mobile number.
  • Just type in your vehicle’s VIN and the verification code they provide to continue.


Since you now know how to verify your car insurance coverage online and offline, they want to emphasize the significance of being well-protected. Avoiding costly repairs by keeping your car insurance safe from harm is a must. Get fast renewals, streamlined claim filing, and more with one of the many affordable auto insurance policies online by third-party car insurance. If you are looking to purchase the best car insurance from the Indian market, you can get it from top providers like Bajaj Allianz. 

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