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How is Tokubetsu Junmai Sake to Taste?

 How is Tokubetsu Junmai Sake to Taste?

There are a variety of sake grades, and Tokubetsu Junmai sake is a premium option. But what qualifies a premium sake? The reason for the bold title is its brewing procedure and the amount of each ingredient. Additionally, it should have 60% polishing rice and use brewer rice. These are the two main parameters that distinguish a Tokubetsu from other sake categories available in the market.

Japanese sake comes from pure rice, which is different from non-rice sakes. Junmai is a sake variety, and the brewing consists of water, rice, koji, and water, without any additional preservatives, like alcohol or sugar. However, the difference in Japanese sake depends on its brewing process and the amount of pure rice in the sake. It further determines the final taste and price of the sake.

What Makes Tokubetsu Sake Special?

In the Junmai category of sake, it is mainly the rice polishing percentage that imparts a floral aroma and sweet taste with a refreshing flavor. The brewer aims to maintain the Junmai flavor that can categorize the sake and its category.
It is mainly a brewer’s practice, but the basic thing remains the same with the material and the polishing ratio. So, it’s the brewing process that ultimately changes the taste. The term Tokubetsu dictates the distinction in the aftertaste of the sake.

Looking for a clean and smooth wine aftertaste? Well, sake can offer this taste, provided you get it from a professional brewer. The soft, clean, yet not-so-simple finish of the sake makes it worth the price. The fine taste it leaves in your mouth with a smooth finish makes it interesting to try. When searching for a value-for-money option, this is it.

What Qualifies as Special Brewing Method?

Adopting a special brewing method exempts the brewer from meeting the basic rice polishing ratio. It is mainly what Tokubetsu sake separates from other varieties. If you wish to get undiluted sake, it comes with a 65% polish ratio as per the brewery method. So, ensure that you get the sake from an authentic sake manufacturer.

The brewing method and time on the final taste also label the sake as Tokubetsu. This is what makes it distinct from a regular Junmai. You have to keep track of the rice quality to use in the brewing method. All these demands are looking for an authentic brewer that assures premium sake.

Be a sake with a soft finish or complex taste, don’t get it from any random source. It is preferable to try the sake at a chill temperature to get its best taste.

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