• May 21, 2024

How is permanent makeup different from regular makeup?

Makeup is an integral part of dressing up for some people. While some people use makeup because they like it, others do it because it makes them look more presentable for various appointments during the day.

Earlier, the term makeup was mostly associated with women but now things have changed. Men have also started using makeup. Previously, for a long time, men used makeup only during school or college performances. While male actors used subtle makeup before appearing in front of the camera, the use of makeup has become more prevalent now and the makeup itself has become bolder and more expressive.

Men and women use makeup alike. Some superstars can even be seen using makeup offstage. Not only have more men started using makeup but these days the style of makeup has undergone a vast change as well.

Bold and shiny colours are used to show confidence and freedom. The makeup finish can be dewy or matte depending upon the outfit, occasion, and not to forget, of course, an individual’s choice.

Makeup hasn’t changed just in terms of finish and colours. The techniques have also changed.

Till a few years ago, women had been complaining that their makeup doesn’t last. They would complain of their lipsticks fading, eyeliners smudging, and so on.

While people were complaining of foundation-layers cracking, nobody thought that before they realize it, there will be something such as permanent makeup Charlotte NC.

Permanent makeup Charlotte NC, as obvious by the name is makeup that is not temporary.

In case you wonder what permanent makeup is and how long does it exactly stay, we are going to make the job easier for you by explaining the concept of permanent makeup Charlotte NC.

Let us discuss what permanent makeup is and how it is different from regular makeup.

  1. The first and foremost difference between permanent and regular makeup is in the duration they stay for. A regular makeup, if left unbothered will last for a few hours. Some popular makeup brands have introduced products that last longer but even then they will stay for 10-12 hours at maximum. Permanent makeup on the other hand will last weeks or even months if left untouched.
  2. Regular makeup come under the waterproof and regular category. Permanent makeup is automatically waterproof since it is designed keeping in mind the duration it lasts for.
  3. Regular makeup needs to be applied every day and needs constant touch-ups. Permanent makeup neither requires everyday application nor does it require constant touch-ups.
  4. Regular makeup products are usually cheaper compared to permanent makeup given the kind of technology and products that are used in the process of application.

Permanent makeup Charlotte NC has seen a tremendous rise in popularity due to the multiple benefits it offers. It saves time, is hassle-free, is usually non-invasive, and sometimes is even cheaper in the long run. Permanent makeup offers a better finish and helps enhance natural beauty with minimal personal efforts.

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