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How Family Can Support First Time Moms

 How Family Can Support First Time Moms

Struggling to find a way to make it through those exhausting first few months? Wondering how you can cope with late-night feedings and sleep deprivation? Maybe you’ve had a hard time finding friends at the same stage of life as you.


You’re not alone: one in three mothers is experiencing these struggles and more. These difficulties can lead to depression, anxiety, and PTSD, but there are ways that family members can support first-time moms. Here are some of the best ways.


1. Take Care of the Baby While She Sleeps


For the first few months, you’re going to be exhausted. When you become a new mom, your body will experience many hormonal and physical changes. One way to get some rest is by asking family members to help with the baby while you sleep. This will reduce the stress of being a new mom because you won’t have to worry about getting the baby back to sleep or what she needs when she starts crying in the middle of the night. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You might feel embarrassed, but you don’t have to do everything yourself.


2. Purchase a Customized Gift for the Mom


When you visit, why not get something for the mom? This is an excellent way to show her that you care. Plus, it can be just what she needs to get through a difficult time. Gift ideas include an Amazon gift card so she can purchase items she needs without going out and shopping. Also, you can give her a massage certificate or even a few fun books. However, you should always consult with the mom first to find out what would make her most comfortable. You may also choose to surprise her with breast milk jewelry. This is a unique gift that she will treasure. It helps to strengthen the bond between mother and baby.


3. Hire a Postpartum Doula to Help New Moms


Postpartum doulas and their clients have reported a wide range of benefits. These include reduced feelings of stress, enhanced emotional health, and even lowered chances of depression. Before you hire someone, make sure that you do your research to find out if they are experienced with mothers and if they have the credentials needed for this kind of work. You may also wish to consider whether they live close enough to check in with the mom and what services they offers.


4. Compliment Her Beauty and the Good Work She is Doing


Remember that she is doing one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Your words can go a long way in helping her feel better about herself and what she is doing. Additionally, always remember to remind her how beautiful she is. Sometimes people forget those they love most because they look the same daily. However, a new mom will appreciate you pointing out how beautiful she looks. This can help her feel more important and help her to relax.


5. Take Her Out for a Date


It’s easy for family members to take the mom for granted when she lives so close to them. However, if you want to show her that you care, take her out for a night and let her have a chance to relax. This could be as simple as taking her to dinner or even a walk in the park. Getting out of the house will help her feel much better than just staying at home alone.


6. Offer to Bring Her Meals


Another way to support a new mom is by bringing her meals. In the beginning, she will likely be tired and feel like she needs extra help. One way you can do this is through food delivery services. You can find out if there is a service in your area by going online or calling local restaurants. These services will allow you to choose a time and day to come over, which could be every day, to reduce the amount of preparation she must do. Also, you can set up a recurring order for her to make it easier for her. After all, she is going through a lot, so having food delivered can give her time and energy to get things done.




If you ever find yourself supporting a new mom, these tips can help you show her that you care. Remember that she is doing a difficult job, so do whatever you can to make her time happier and more enjoyable. In the end, she will appreciate your efforts. After all, moms are some of the most important people in the world.


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