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How do you use an occupational therapist email list to avoid email bounces?

 How do you use an occupational therapist email list to avoid email bounces?

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An email campaign’s success lies in the quality of content and its relevance to the subscribers. As long as your emails are top-notch and reach your intended recipients, there is not much to stop you from getting good results. That is where the catch lies. Email bounces prevent your emails from getting delivered and, in extreme situations, also get your account suspended. But, it can be easily managed. Before we dive deeper into how your occupational therapist email list can reduce hard bounces, we need to understand what email bounces are and how they can affect deliverability.

What are email bounces?

Email messages that do not get delivered to the intended recipients are called bounced emails. There are three types of email bounces- hard, soft, and general bounce.

  • A hard bounce is when your email is not delivered for permanent reasons. It could be because the email address is incorrect or does not exist.
  • A soft bounce occurs when there is a temporary delivery problem. It can happen if the recipients’ inboxes are full or your emails are too large.
  • A general bounce occurs when the recipient doesn’t get your email due to technical issues on the server side.

How do email bounces impact deliverability?

Email bounces are bad for your business and must always be avoided for several reasons-

  • Your domain will get a bad reputation

Email service providers (ESPs) decide which emails should reach the recipients based on the IP addresses’ sender reputation. If they find you sending emails that frequently bounce back, they will assign a bad reputation to your domain. The reputation will also affect the delivery of your messages to valid email addresses.

  • Your domain will be blocklisted

If the email bounces persist, the ESPs will place your IP address on the block list. You won’t be able to email anyone until the issue is resolved.

  • Your campaign’s cost will increase

Every email is chargeable. When your messages bounce, you are spending money on emails your recipients aren’t even receiving. Your campaigns become costlier without fetching good results.

Lowering the bounce rate is not very difficult. Here are a few pointers you need to remember-

  1. Ask subscribers to double opt-in to your occupational therapist mailing list

Whether you are building your subscriber list or buying it from a data provider, double opt-in is a sure way to get valid and active email addresses. Take, for example, Healthcare Mailing. They obtain the addresses with the explicit consent of the subscriber. When users enter their details and sign up for the subscription, an email is sent to them for further confirmation. The sole purpose of this email is to ensure the email address is correct and accepts messages. Only once the users click on the confirm button do they get added to the email list.

  1. Segment your occupational therapist email addresses

Dividing your list into smaller groups makes it easier to know what content your subscribers prefer. You also get a clearer idea about the engagement levels of different subscribers. Segmenting based on subscriber interests effectively sends them the information they want without coming across as a spammer.

On the other hand, segmenting the occupational therapist contacts according to engagement lets you adjust your sending cadence. You can send emails frequently to the most active subscribers. Keeping them entertained can increase interaction and be beneficial for your overall campaign.

  1. Remove invalid addresses from your occupational therapist marketing list

Clean and update your list frequently. Email addresses become dormant over time for various reasons. The subscribers may change jobs, and the email address at their previous organization goes unused. Or they may lose interest in what you have to offer and not bother to unsubscribe.

Go through your list of occupational therapists email addresses regularly and re-engage subscribers you haven’t heard from in a while. If they do not respond to your efforts even after 6 months, ask them if they want to continue to receive your emails. If they continue to remain distant, remove them from your list.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to trim your email list, it is a healthy practice. You can rein in your email campaign’s costs by limiting your interactions with active subscribers. Maintaining a low subscriber count also makes it easier to create content keeping their interest in mind.

  1. Don’t spam your recipients

Certain texts in your email can land your emails in the junk folder. Email Service Providers consider phrases such as Make money, OFF, and FREE as spam. Avoid using these phrases along with too many exclamation marks and capital letters.

Maintaining a good balance between text and graphics is a great way of capturing your subscribers’ attention. It also lets the ESP know that your email is not purely promotional but is of value to the recipient.

Wrapping up

Continuous email bounces are detrimental to your domain’s health. Maintaining a good quality occupational therapist contact list is extremely important in reducing bounce rates. Following the mentioned points can help your campaign’s overall success.


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