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How DevOps Consulting Services Can Help Your Business in 2023

 How DevOps Consulting Services Can Help Your Business in 2023

The year 2023 will be an important year for DevOps and Cloud since things around the world have changed and people have become prone to convenience and like to connect with businesses the way they want and whenever want. What businesses should have understood is they still need to operate their business activities at the pace they have adopted in the last few years. The good news is that companies have realized the importance of customer experience and how it affects everyday life and the brand’s bottom line. Many companies around the world have also tried to leverage the opportunities and avail the position the understanding brought to them. Now you might think, about how this has come into reality through the adoption of DevOps solutions. Let’s check a wide range of benefits companies is willing to leverage in 2023 through DevOps consulting services.


Companies can switch to real device testing with a cloud-based system:

Mobile application usage is now the consumer default. It leads developers to abide by all new device releases to test mobile apps and their functional compatibility with a new device. Since the devices are being launched quite frequently and are quite expensive, DevOps adoption allows you to leverage the cloud platforms for testing mobile applications’ functionalities and features with the help of cloud-based real-device testing options. Developers don’t need to leave their browsers to test mobile applications with cloud-supported infrastructure. 


DevSecOps will be the top concern behind availing DevOps As A Service:

As companies are shifting left to promote security testing in the development lifecycle, companies are looking for innovative ways and streamlined processes to inbuilt security in their pipeline. Therefore, adopting DevSecOps will be a major trend in 2023 among companies as development teams would want their application to be checked before release. Adoption of OWASP Top 10 scanning and other manual and automated testing solution along with existing tests will be a differentiator. 


Companies will experience Minimal Production Cost:

A DevOps consulting company guides you through the best practices, automation, and other strategic solutions while establishing better collaboration and administration of your production environment. In this way, it helps you reduce the production costs of your department. DevOps consulting solutions also enable you to combine both maintenance and new upgrades as one bigger goal.  


Customers can expect improved customer experience:

There is a trend going on in the IT development solutions industry i.e. to promote the use of reusable components. Reusable components promote responsive development that helps companies with faster go-to-market and increased customer experience. Since DevOps consulting services encourage paying close attention to consumer needs and specific requirements, DevOps practices allow making sure that end-users are effectively provided what they have expected from the brand. DevOps culture continuously encourages to put in use user feedback and work backward to earn user satisfaction.  


Developers will experience increased efficiency

At the cornerstone of DevOps solutions lies the extensive use of automation tools and automated processes reducing bottlenecks in releasing application fasters. It doesn’t just help developers reduce repetitive tasks but also enables them to experience increased efficiency. DevOps as a service also promote the use of the incremental development approach. Besides the waterfall model where an incident could lead to cascading faults, the incremental approach allows multiple teams to work together on a project at the same time while focusing on their own area of work. With DevOps best practices, an automation engineer integrates all the developed solution into one and make things work easily that directly impacting the developer’s efficiency and proficiency.  


There will be less reduction in waste:

The developed code that is never utilized is considered to be the biggest waste of time and effort. Thanks to DevOps services, codes are shipped small and in increments and the fast cycle times of the DevOps environment decreases the waste as everyone gets quick feedback on their written code instantly. It allows developers to quickly fix the code and push to build processes and get approval or rejection to work on it again. The process helps developers write clean and clear code for the applications and receive instant feedback that reduces technical waste as well as time that ultimately save companies cost on the application development as well. 


AI/ML will become a significant part of the CI/CD pipeline

In 2023 and beyond, artificial intelligence and machine learning will have a bigger impact on DevOps. If you already have a DevOps process built-in within your organization, you will be able to leverage AI/ML capabilities in multiple spheres such as cloud cost management for resource allocation, consumption, and tracking, and to detect and avoid issues in software development processes. 


DevOps has proven its worth in the past with automation, process improvement, customer satisfaction, and culture transformation. Though technologies abide by DevOps, it’s not easy to achieve DevOps maturity as discussed by the top enterprises and the benefits they have leveraged with DevOps. To make the most of the DevOps solutions, it is best to work with an experienced DevOps consulting company

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