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Healthcare App Development- Features, Cost & More!

 Healthcare App Development- Features, Cost & More!

Healthcare mobile app development is challenging work that requires extra focus on analysis and implementing the solutions. But, these applications are very much beneficial in many areas for patients.

There are dozens of mobile healthcare apps on the market. It is valuable to have an application that assists doctors, patients, and nurses.

If you want to develop your healthcare mobile application and are willing to know the factors that influence the cost of development, then go through the article, which carries all your answers.

Let’s start by discussing the features required in an ideal healthcare application.

Features of mobile healthcare app

  • UI/UX

The first thing a user notices about an app is its UX/UI design. Make sure the design you choose for your application reflects your objective and services.

  • Profile maintenance

Creating a profile should be easy. Patients are allowed to upload their photos and medical details.

For doctors, all the required information should be available, like their specialty, experience, contact details, and others.

  • Security

Healthcare applications deal with massive patient data, such as a patient’s health history, and others focusing on app security is something that cannot be ignored.

Therefore, choose the top-notch security measures for your mobile healthcare application to guarantee the privacy of patients’ data.

  • Video call with doctors

For better communication with the doctors, patients are provided with the facility of video calls. Patients can ask specialists about their health condition with the video call feature.

  • Payment method

This feature is a healthcare application that allows patients to pay their medical expenses quickly. By using various mobile wallets or credit/ debit cards.

  • Search bar

The healthcare app has an intelligent search and filter option. They can select the doctors based on their experience, specialization consulting fee, etc. Patients must have the option to share information regarding their condition and preferred location.

  • Scheduling Appointment

If the doctors do not want to visit the patient or the timings are not available, they should acquire permission to accept or decline consultation requests.

The customer should receive notification/confirmation mail and ID only once the doctor confirms or accepts the request.

  • Reminder

This feature is essential in healthcare apps, as it reminds the patients before their appointment time. Regular medicine time can also be added to it.

A healthcare application must carry these essential features. Now, you can also think about the cost of developing an app with these features.

Let’s discuss the same,

Factors influencing the cost of developing a healthcare application

The final & estimated cost of mobile healthcare applications depends on certain factors. They are-

  • Number of features & functions
  • Quality of product
  • Developers cost
  • Platform you select
  • Security of application

The number of features & functions – Healthcare apps with limited features & functions will cost less than the app that has more features.

Selecting the right content management system, creating the backend, and including other technologies are all functions of mobile applications which directly influence the cost of development.

The platform for an application – The selection of a platform for your mobile application will also influence its development cost. Because Android and iOS both platforms have their requirements which have different prices.

Also, the new devices of the smartphone affect the cost. Older devices require more time & effort, which causes an increment in development cost.

Developers cost – Every healthcare app development company will cost their service. It also includes the time taken to build an application.

App security – Healthcare app carries patients’ medical data and personal details, which requires more protection. Advanced multi-layer security is made to deliver a smooth and unbroken service. This factor will directly affect the cost of development.


Patients will quickly use mobile apps if they carry all essential features. Therefore, you can develop an app that is more beneficial for the patients and finalise its development cost.

If you are into the healthcare industry & want to enhance the working of your domain through the latest technology, then get in touch with the best Healthcare app development company.

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