• April 17, 2024

Get trained in powder brows, Enhance your career

Semi-permanent makeup has been a rage in the market since it was introduced. Microblading created a new revolution in the makeup industry. There was a high technological advancement in the semi-permanent makeup industry that leads to microshading or powder brows. Powder brows give your customers a freshly applied makeup look. Getting powder brows training Perth will give you an edge over other businesses.

How to build your career in microshading?

If you are already in the semi-permanent makeup business and want to gain a competitive edge or you are starting a new business in this industry, these are the ways you can start and enhance your career.

  1. Training

Certification is the first crucial step before starting a career in microshading. Do your research and choose a good course with hands-on teaching.

Work with models before working on your client’s brows. Working on models will help you gain experience and confidence. This ensures features you only give the best to your customers. Online training has also become quite popular during the pandemic. The only disadvantage with online courses is the lack of hands-on experience.

  1. Meet the requirements

To pursue a career in microshading, you need to meet certain requirements. After getting your Powder Brows Training Perth, you need to get licensed. Licensing comes with few extra training like bloodborne pathogen training. It generally depends on the regulations of the place you are starting your business in.

  1. What to do next?

If you are new to the industry, you may choose to start your own business or work in collaboration with already existing businesses. If you are choosing to work for other companies, set your terms and conditions, and decide on a price.

While starting your own business takes time, it is more profitable. Renting a place, and buying the required equipment is necessary. The required equipment for microshading is different from that of microblading. Microshading requires a Permanent Makeup Device and ultra-fine needles along with good light and a chair to work on. Design your place to appeal to your customers. Showcase your work and Certifications!

  1. Marketing

Creating your website is a good way to Market along with social media. If you already are a business owner expanding your skills, talk to your customers. Suggest microshading to the ones with oily and acne-prone skin. Explain to them the pros and cons of getting powder brows.

Microshading is a technologically advanced procedure with is incredibly more versatile than microblading and suitable for all skin types. It is less invasive compared to the microblading procedure and longer-lasting. It requires lesser touch-ups. It is also more suited for customers who want a makeup look rather than a natural look. Adding powder brows to your skillset will help you attract more customers and meet their requirements. If you are getting powder brows training in Perth, check out Envy My Brows.(https://envymybrows.com/).

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