• April 14, 2024

Four Things To Consider While Looking for a Shipping Carrier

Whether you are a local manufacturer who wishes to sell their products in different territories or an e-commerce platform that plans to expand its consumer base, you would need the support of a reliable shipping carrier.  

Here are four things you should consider while looking for a shipping carrier:

Transit Time

While looking for a shipping carrier, transit time is one of the most important things that you should consider. This, in fact, is one factor that impacts your business directly. Before joining hands with a shipping carrier, you must check whether it can deliver as per your expectations or not.

When you ship a particular by sea, it could take weeks for it to reach. When you reach out to a shipping company in Iraq, you must check the kind of transportation options they are willing to offer you and the average turnaround time they can guarantee you. If your existing shipping partner is causing delays repeatedly, you need to switch to another company.


If you are sure about a shipping carrier doing a very good job of transporting your products from one place to another, you need to figure out the kind of money they will charge for the same. By assuring a company of long-term collaboration, you can get them to offer a good discount on shipping charges.

There are times when a company opts for a low-cost carrier in a bid to save some cash. However, if the company doesn’t do the deliveries on time or shows unprofessional behavior, you will end up losing your reputation. You should, therefore, look for a shipping carrier that does its job well and fits within your budget.


If you are concerned about the safety of your products or packages, there is something you must know. Around 90 percent of the goods, which are traded across different regions or countries, are shipped by sea.

That being said, it is important to get the assurance that the shipping carrier you are partnering with will ship your products safely and not let you down. You must find out the kind of insurance arrangements they are willing to provide and whether they follow the requisite protocols and procedures for accident prevention or not.


A decade ago, most companies didn’t worry about sustainable materials being used for the purpose of packaging. However, now a majority of companies understand that they have a responsibility towards the environment.

When you are committed to fulfilling your social responsibilities as a business, you have to ensure that your shipping partner also adheres to the same principles. If you are planning to hire the services of a shipping carrier, you must find out the kind of packaging materials they use and whether they are eco-friendly or not.


The right shipping partner can help your business grow beyond your imagination and choosing the wrong carrier to collaborate with could spell doom for your business. If you are looking for a reputed shipping company in Iraq, you should reach out to Silkroad For Logistics Ltd.

Shabbir Ahmad


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