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Flat New Year Discount On Custom Chocolate Boxes Wholesale

 Flat New Year Discount On Custom Chocolate Boxes Wholesale

Are you excited to begin this new year, 2023, with the iCustomboxes solution? We are more than you. And happy about the loyalty you showed to us again by choosing us as your 2023 packaging partner. That’s why we also have a new year’s surprise for you. Yes, again, flat discount on all range of custom boxes after the new year sale. With the new year updated to version 2023 at wholesale. So, what are you waiting for? Please hurry up, confirm your order, and begin this new year with us.

Custom premium chocolate boxes wholesale

From toddlers to adults, chocolates are all-time favorites of all age group people. Even if you don’t know someone’s choice, gift him chocolates he will be happy. But the gifting chocolates in simple boxes are not a perfect match. The custom chocolate boxes should be premium which gives a surprising feel while opening. So, people will consider them to buy for their loved ones. That’s why we give you an enhancements option to design your custom premium box according to your requirements. Here are a few add-ons options for you.

1. Sparkling stamp foiling

Do you want a shiny OR sparkling effect on the premium chocolate boxes? Then apply stamp foiling on the printed design. You don’t need anything if you only use stamp foiling on a custom chocolate box.  The stamp foiling is available in all shades. You can choose any of them. All are outstanding. Here are a few options for you.

  • Silver foil
  • Gold foil
  • Rose Gold foil
  • Metallic foil (silver, gold, blue, copper, red, and green)
  • Embossed Foil (Any Color)
  • Holographic foil

2. Embossing or debossing

The brand logo should also be premium, apparently in luxurious packaging. That’s why we suggest you apply embossing and debossing along with stamp foiling for writing the brand logo. Or for highlighting the brand name.

3. crafted flowers or other creatures

You can place crafted flowers, butterflies, or other creatures on the box surface for more decoration. These are available in all forms, like woven, silk, paper, etc.

4. Ribbons and glittery strips

For a surprising feel, you can tie the whole box with the help of ribbons. We have all shades of ribbons according to the box matching. You can also use glittery ropes for that purpose.

5. Custom cardboard or kraft inserts

The chocolates can break and crack easily inside the custom premium chocolate box. Which can ruin your whole efforts. To prevent that problem, keep custom cardboard or kraft inserts. These inserts will not only provide chocolates but also give the chocolates an aesthetically pleasing position.

6. Inside printing

We also give you inside printing options for custom premium chocolate box styling. Because the simple inner surface doesn’t look eye-catchy and impressive while opening. You can print or design the inner surface in any shade you like with the help of the PMS or CMYK color scheme.

7. Gloss or matte lamination

The laminations are mandatory for custom premium boxes. If it’s a dark fantasy chocolate box, choose matte lamination. It balances the darker shades due to less glare. And gives a decent, natural matte look to the custom box. Conversely, you can use gloss lamination for a shiny, smooth surface. If the box has funk shades like pink, orange, green, etc., it’s perfect. Because it increases the vibrancy of designs and the color of the box surface.

8. Custom butter wraps

Some forms of chocolates, like sleek chocolates so soft, can make the box surface greasy. That’s why we suggest you keep custom butter wraps downside the chocolates. These will help to prevent the greasy surface.

9. Magnetic closure

You can use magnetic closure for the premium chocolate boxes wholesale to impress the buyers even more. It is more than just an excellent way to get appreciation. But also solves the opening problem. The buyer can easily open the box without extra effort. Or affecting the packaging.

10. Die-cut window

You can customize die-cut windows in any shape to show off your chocolates inside the custom box. For die-cut window border designing, you can use CMYK color schemes. If you want something enchanting, use hot stamp foiling.

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11. Customized handles

To make a custom box easy to carry, you can customize handles. For handles, you can use box material or ribbons, or strips. Depends upon your choice.

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