• July 19, 2024

8 Features Your Shopify Store Might Be Missing

 8 Features Your Shopify Store Might Be Missing

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Every business wishes to have a fast-loading website that is full of advanced features and delivers an excellent customer experience. 

Your website might be missing some features that can transform the way you do business. Here, the goal is to offer the best possible service to customers. Doing so might make some loyal customers who enjoy the services you provide.

In today’s time, you will have multiple competitors for all the products you sell. Customer service is where you can make a difference. And to improve it, making your website rich by adding amazing features is mandatory. 

You don’t need to find a developer to do so; all you need to buy is a ready-to-use plugin. There are a lot of Shopify plugins available online. 

Here are some of the plugins that you need in your store: 

  • Cart Abandonment Recovery

Cart abandonment is the major issue all ecommerce stores are facing these days. It is when a customer adds a product to the cart but does not check out. If your cart abandonment ratio is high, you can reduce it to a decent number if you know why it is happening. 

There can be many reasons to not buy a product. For example:

  • Customers got distracted and forgot to check out.
  • Customers added the item just to check the total after taxes and shipping charges, or maybe they found the total higher than they expected.
  • Some might abandon the cart and wait for the discount coupons in emails.

Whatever may be the reason behind cart abandonment, customers would only add the product to the cart if they showed an interest in it. This is enough reason to try all possible ways to convince them to complete the checkout process.

Push Notifications: Sending personalized notifications with a discount might be enough to convince your customers. Ideally, you should send notifications within 24 hours to convince them to buy from your store.

Email: An email with a captivating subject line, a discount and charming words will surely do its magic. You can invest in a plugin that sends emails automatically to all the customers who have products lying in the cart.

  • Live Chatbots

Companies have started using AI chatbots to address customers’ queries. There are a lot of benefits of having a chatbot, like fast response time, less waitings, less carryforwards, it works as a knowledge base, etc. Apart from that, it saves a lot of time for customer executives to answer common questions. 

All these interactions are recorded and can be used to study customer behavior. You can also use chatbots to collect feedback from customers. When you have all these benefits, it will surely elevate the customer experience. Hence, more and more stores are integrating chatbots to their stores.

  • Auto Shipping Rate Calculations

A customer might visit your website if they find the products interesting or if prices attract their eyes. You might still lose a customer if you add a heavy shipping charge at checkout. 

To improve sales, you can use real-time carrier shipping features. It will enable you to use the location of all customers, and based on the size and weight of the product, it will calculate the shipping costs. You can use a plugin that can help you calculate standard shipping charges for your courier.

  • Delivery Date Scheduler

Your business might not have enough resources and infrastructure to offer same-day delivery to all locations, but there are other things that you can do to improve customer experience. 

For instance, allow your customers to choose the delivery date. Let them select when they want their order. This gives them authority, and they can choose the date when they actually want the product and also their availability to receive the order. 

There are Shopify delivery date plugins that not only allow your customers to choose the delivery date but also the time. So they will have full control of the delivery. This works best for businesses dealing with giftable products. At the backend, you can make a list of deliveries date-wise and time-wise. 

You can also restrict the dates and time slots you don’t deliver. You can have custom-restricted days for order preparations for all the products. Moreover, you can feed the order value that you will be able to deliver in a day, and the plugin will restrict the dates if it goes above that value.

  • Zip Code Validator

What is more disappointing than realizing during checkout that the brand doesn’t deliver at your location? You don’t want to frustrate your customers by revealing such information during checkout when they have invested a lot of their time in finalizing the product, and are ready to buy it.

If you integrate a zip code validator plugin to your Shopify store, you can add a zip code availability widget right under the products. You can customize it as per your store theme. 

From the backend, you can blacklist the zip code that you don’t deliver to. Moreover, there is a feature to customize shipping rates based on the zip code. As all the online stores do these days, show the estimated delivery date based on the selected zip code. 

  • Language Translator

Language Translator is a must when you have customers from all over the world. Without increasing the loading time of your web page, use a language translator plugin for your Shopify store that uses Google API to translate your page.

Sometimes, translations might convey the message differently. The admin has full rights to edit the translated content. Translating the page into native languages helps convince more customers. Customers would feel more comfortable reading and understanding the product details and description.

The plugin doesn’t affect the speed of the website, and hence it is SEO-friendly as well. You won’t lose customers because your page took too long to translate the content and load.

  • Geolocation Redirect

For businesses planning to get more attention from foreign customers, this feature is for you. These Shopify plugins help you redirect customers to country-specific or state-specific domains based on their IP. The plugin will also help you convert the currency and language based on their origin country. 

Thus, your visitors will feel more connected to the brand as language and currency would be familiar to them. The other major advantage of this plugin is to block malicious traffic. The plugin would block malicious IPs and visitors from specific countries. Thus, all the visitors to your domain will be instantly redirected to their country/state-specific domain.

  • Miscellaneous Apps

There are a lot of other apps that you can integrate with your store without affecting the loading speed of your website. 

For improving sales: Bulk editor, add-to-cart stickies, quick buy sticky, back-in-stock alerts, recently viewed products, and more

For store management: Cookie bar, order export, scroll to the top, content protection, and many more.

For Marketing: Image Optimizer, product review, announcement bar, hide from search, etc.


Ready-to-use apps make it easier for you as you don’t have to custom-develop the features for your app. You don’t have to hire a developer to do so. With these apps, you will save time and have the feature up and ringing for your customers the very next day. You just need to find a company that sells these plugins. Make sure the apps do not slow down your store. They should be lightweight and have all the features you are looking for.

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