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Fantastic Design Ideas For Alternative Strut Cards

 Fantastic Design Ideas For Alternative Strut Cards

Image Sources: VC Print UK

Thanks to our die-cutting technologies we can create unique shapes for your strut cards. No longer are you limited to simply a rectangle we can design virtually any custom-designed shape that you can think of.

This is extremely beneficial for companies who want the cards they use to draw attention or advertise their brand through a strut-card that is shaped like their logo or their top-selling item.

It also means that advertisements for the holidays can really grab people’s attention. Create an emoji-shaped Valentine’s strut card, for instance or the Christmas tree in December!

Make a spooky pumpkin to celebrate Halloween or an egg to celebrate Easter… The list of possibilities is endless. With attractive, seasonal-specific promotional A1 Strut Cards, your message will be more attractive.

Twist And Lock Card For Strut

Twist and Lock strut cards are a bit different. Instead of the traditional feet for strut cards this unique display lets you know you can twist your strut card , and secure it to the wall, making a place for flyers and leaflets to be displayed!

The strut card is able to do your advertising for you, but it will also offer a way for customers to take the advertising and bring it with them, giving your business more visibility and reach.

The Strut Card With A Double-Sided Side

In contrast to a standard strut card with designs on the one hand, and the feet in the middle, we have two-side strut cards. These handy devices are coat on two sides and feature an elongate stand in the middle to ensure security.

Strut Card Ending Options

If you’re trying to attract attention and make sure that your message doesn’t get then why not pick one of the following strut card printing options for your print on strut cards?

1. Lamination Of A Strut Card

The A0 Strut Cards can be laminate to provide the durability and appearance the look of your exhibit. Lamination is a method of forming the tiny layer of either plastic, or similar material is attach on the outside of your print item using heat, pressure or both.

The result is that the product will be far less prone to being damage or tear, while also providing the appearance of a more attractive product.

Choose between matt, gloss or soft-touch laminates to ensure that your strut cards won’t be . Lamination with gloss will give your strut card with a glossy laminate that is great for drawing attention and making the colours pop.

A matt laminate can give an elegant and subtle feel suitable for elegant products to give a touch of elegance.

Soft-touch laminate is great for a strut-card design for handling – for example, a drinks or menu or perhaps. The soft feel gives the impression of lavishness as well as luxury, and is a great choice for items that are expensive.

A0 Strut Cards
Image Sources: VC Print UK

2. Strut Card Foiling

Foiling is a strut-card finishing option where color foil is emboss on your strut card using pressure and heat. It creates a reflective and shiny appearance to your card.

This technique is great for bringing attention to certain aspects of your strut cards style, for instance, the logo or branding slogan. Select from a range of colours including silver, blue, gold, and green.

3. Strut Spot UV Card

Spot UV is an extremely reflective polymer which is attach onto the surface of your strut cards. This gives it a sleek elegant appearance and is extremely popular with companies who wish to show forward-thinking the future of their business.

4. Strut Card With Holograms

Do you remember those shiny hologram stamps on tickets for events to confirm authenticity? 

They will not only make sure that your customers know it’s authentic, but they are also able to be customise to any form or shape possible. Therefore, if you would like your logo or branding features to stick out, think about including Holograms!

5. Strut Card Custom Shapes

And if you’re actually seeking something that will attract customers, why not choose the standard shape? Select a unique form and let us cutters design your custom shape!

You can make a strut card with the form of your logo or your signature product to ensure maximum recall. Anyone can pick what they would like to choose at the same time and not have to wait for it to turn around!

Why Should You Use Plastic-Free Cards For Strut?

We’re aware that lots of companies are trying to reduce waste, and one of the most effective strategies is to cut down on commercial and industrial plastic use.

Commercial signage could use up lots of plastic and PVC, therefore it’s recommend to steer clear to plastics as well as PVC whenever possible by using cardboard, paper as well as other products that are easily recycle, reuse and reuse.

Utilising plastic-free strut cards which are 100% recyclable, your advertisement can be alter as frequently as you want to, while having the least environmental impact. You can simply reuse your old strut card and replace it with a brand new style.

Strut cards that are free of charge make perfect cards for the quick time to announce new promotions, offers and other events as well as for long-lasting signs such as “Please use contactless” “Please wash your hands” or ’till shut’ signs.

Reduced Plastic

We all want to lessen our impact on the environment either as a business or an individual and going plastic-free is ideal way to accomplish this. If you’re not sure of the reasons to limit your use of plastic Let we provide some explanations.

Plastic takes a lengthy period of time to decay. This is the primary problem with plastics, since it is a part of the environment for a long time after you have thrown it out.

Certain plastics could take as long as 1000 years to decay and outlive us by ten times! As it decomposes and rotting, it is sitting on the ground or in a landfill and takes up space, and potentially threatening local wildlife.

In the event that the plastic is submerge and is not expose for sunlight, the plastic will break down more slowly. Once it breaks into pieces, the plastic molecules will eventually enter the ecosystem through soil, and animal tracks that feed it – changing the ecosystem.

Small molecules of plastic end up in the bodies of animals, and sometimes kill them. Micro plastics are then deposit in us after we eat the meat of the animals. This is particularly true of seafood.

However, Can’t Recycling Of Plastics Be Done?

Great question! The answer is simple however the reality is more complex than it appears. Certain plastics are able to be recycle, while others aren’t. Search Scene explains:

‘Not all plastics can be recycle due to their chemical composition and because it’s expensive and difficult to process some and do not produce a top-quality product that can be utilise.’

There’s been times when we’ve tried to place something made of plastic into the recycling bin only to find the message “Not Recycled Currently’.

Despite the many advancements throughout the years however, many plastic-base products can’t be recycle. If you’re not sure then you should opt for strut cards of plastic or posters as well as other signs.

What Can I Do To Reduce Its Use Of Plastic?

When you can, utilise alternatives to plastic such as strut cards for signage that is small in size, and recycled paper posters for larger-scale options.

If you’re in need or require plastic signage (like PVC banners) try to purchase high-quality recyclable banners, which can be use repeat which will reduce the amount of consumption.

Inspire your customers to shop responsibly and sustainably and encourage them to do so by rewarding them. For instance the coffee shop could offer a discount to anyone who brings in a reusable cup, instead of buying a disposable cup.

We can bring about the real changes, and businesses must be the place the first to start making changes. In the end, an entire business making the effort to become eco-friendly will result in more positive effects than any individual can be able to.

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