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Everything You Need For a Cardio-Intensive Workout

 Everything You Need For a Cardio-Intensive Workout

If you’re looking to burn fat and tone up in a short amount of time, then, a cardio-intensive workout is the type of exercise to consider. It’s a time-efficient activity that’s never boring as you take your body to the max. Best of all, you have some excellent options for the exercises you want to choose from. Fitness pros are sharing their tips on what you need for the ultimate cardio-intensive workout.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Sweat!

When you’re going for the burn, your heart’s pumping, the blood’s flowing, you’re on an energy high, and the sweat starts forming. Science shows that the more the human body exerts, the more heat it produces, and the more sweat is released.

Every individual is unique and sweats different amounts during exercise. Scientists say that the more fit you are, the sweatier you will become because your body has gotten used to the high-power movement and therefore, can endure higher-intensity workouts.

H2O And Electrolytes

You will definitely need to drink something to stay hydrated during your sweat sessions, and the best beverages are pure water and/or electrolytes. Fitness trainers say that if you skip the drinks, your body may become dehydrated, and that, in turn, can cause you to feel weak, unable to endure the workout, or even put your motor and cognitive skills at a disadvantage.

Drinking water will keep you performing at your best, but if the cardio workouts are super intense, then, the experts recommend replacing the electrolytes that you will lose through sweating.

There are electrolyte powders available that are healthy for you and don’t include artificial ingredients.

Still, some athletes reach for sports drinks for longer workouts because they provide carbs you can drink to replace the glycogen reserves that will be depleted.

Balanced Workout Shoes

When it comes to participating in high-intensity workouts that concentrate on cardio, fitness experts say that you want a balanced shoe that offers three characteristics, including support, cushion, and outsole.

Your sneakers should feature flat soles with support to push off. Also, your training shoes should offer a cushioned sole with bounce and plushy foam in the midsole.

Then, there’s the outsole that should provide flexibility and a medium to high grip and delivers the kind of structure you need for workouts involving weighted movements and for jumping.

Comfortable Exercise Gear

Not only does your footwear play a key role in your cardio-intensive activity, but the workout gear you choose can also have an effect. First, you always want to wear exercise clothing that feels comfortable and allows freedom of movement. 

Fitness experts recommend fabrics that feature four-way stretch and are developed with a superb moisture-wicking ability such as a pair of crossover leggings. These types of leggings are made with ‘breathability” to allow air to fully penetrate for body temperature-regulating results.

When buying leggings for your high-intensity cardio, pretty colors and/or patterns are fun, but the material should also be of a non-sheer fabric and specially designed for performance and comfort.

Energizing Workout Snacks

Hydration is essential when you’re moving the body and pushing it to the max for the ultimate burn. Snacking is also important and not junk food. Fitness pros suggest eating some healthy foods that can keep your blood sugar stable and melt fat. The best time to eat these pre-cardio snacks is about 30-60 minutes before you start your workout.

These pre-cardio snacks are good ones to try:

You could enjoy a hard-boiled egg, half an avocado, and a few berries. Or how about peanut butter and sliced banana on brown rice cakes?

Another filling snack would combine cottage cheese and sliced avocado on toast. Or having a granola bar made from real food is another great choice.

These types of whole, healthy foods not only deliver tons of energy but aid in muscle recovery and promote the growth of lean muscle.

Bottom Line

Cardio-intensive workouts can do amazing things for the human body whether you’re doing high-intensity interval training, jumping rope, boxing, cross-country skiing, climbing stairs, running or spinning, etc. Follow the list above suggested by fitness professionals, and have some fun as you go for the burn!

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