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Embellish Your Garden With Different Australian Native Plants

 Embellish Your Garden With Different Australian Native Plants

Our gardens are known for the many different and beautiful Australian native plants, animals, and flora. From gum blossoms to abundant grasses and eucalypts to the more colourful blooms of Grevillea and Bottlebrush, incorporating a variety of our natives into your garden planning is the best way to turn your home into an endemic oasis.

If planned and planted with intention, you will not only have a thriving landscape on your hands, but you will also provide an environment where various native insects and animals can thrive. We have yet to discover any disadvantages to growing Australian plants and flowers!

When deciding which natives will work best, consider the plant’s climate, temperate, and region preferences. So, whether you’re planning, renovating, or simply doing some research, check out our guide to help you figure out which Australian native plants will thrive back at your place.


This plant is ideal if you’re worried about designing a garden and don’t have a green thumb. It’s drought tolerant and low maintenance; simply place it in a sunny location and let it do its thing.

The Spotted Emu Bush thrives everywhere in Australia except Darwin and the east coast of Queensland, growing to about 2.5 metres tall and producing purple and red flowers with white spots in spring.


The Kangaroo Paw is a popular choice for garden beds and pot plants due to its small size. It blooms a deep red or yellow from late winter to summer when planted in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. It thrives in temperate climates and can be found in cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne.


Try growing waratahs if you want to grow something truly Australian online plants. While they are more challenging to maintain and may test your patience, the results are well worth it, with large, lush blooms. Waratahs grow well throughout most of New South Wales but require wind protection.


Do you want to embellish your fence, door, wall, or trellis with a plant? Consider this plant. The Happy Wanderer lives up to its name: it will happily climb walls and trellises on its own if it has water, shade, and well-drained soil.

It grows well in most parts of Australia and frequently blooms in winter and spring. Its flowers are typically purple but come in white, pink, and mauve varieties.


Don’t be fooled by the ‘NSW’ in the name of this popular plant; it will thrive anywhere along Australia’s east coast, and it can grow up to four metres tall if given enough space!

Albery’s Red is a popular Christmas Bush that blooms from early winter to Christmastime. Plant in a sunny, well-drained location.


These hardy flowers, also known as Paper Daisy or Strawflowers, thrive in full sun and produce long-lasting blooms in early Autumn. Everlasting Daisies respond well to regular watering and applying a native plant-specific controlled-release fertiliser. Pruning the growing tips regularly will also encourage bushier and renewed growth.


Eremophila has over 250 species and flowers in almost every colour: white, yellow, green, pink, and purple. Many Eremophila species, common in Western Australia, change colour as the native flowers age.

Eremophila is a perennial herb that grows as ground covers, shrubs, or small trees. Eremophila is distinguished by its clinging vegetative parts, tubular flowers, and woody fruits. Because emus feed on the fleshy fruits of some species, they’re also known as emu bush.

In Nutshell

These are some Australian native plants discussed above in this post. You can bring these plants into your home garden and make it beautiful.

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