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Develop Your Business with Custom Pre-roll Boxes!

 Develop Your Business with Custom Pre-roll Boxes!

The hype and massive demand of cannabis products has taken this industry on a new level. With major profits and the new success levels, every brand in this business has been experiencing an amazing journey. As much as this industry is flourishing, the competition in this industry has increased ten folds.

A significant way to stand out while overshadowing your competitors in the market is by opting for custom pre-roll boxes. With packaging possessing great importance, it brings great favors for the brand. Better brand recognition and an improvement in sales to your pre-rolls being all sold out, the changes can be fascinating!

Developing a business cannot be easy in any industry. When it comes to the cannabis industry, the pay rate and major influx in sales and brands, establishing a noticeable identity for your newbie brand cannot be easy.

A personalize pre-roll box packaging is a remarkable way to stabilize your brand in this industry. Hence, with custom pre-roll boxes, the brands can easily develop their business and grow in the industry on their own!

Securing pre-rolls with custom pre-roll boxes!

In order to secure and protect your pre-rolls from getting damaged, the manufacturing of the boxes must be done from extreme quality stocks. The pre-roll shapes are, as a matter of fact, delicate as compared to other forms of cannabis.

Here is a glance into the process of manufacturing durable and sturdy custom pre-roll boxes:

  • First and foremost, choose a packaging material. This stock can be whatever you think can be the ideal fit along with the pre-rolls. The stocks being used now are paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and Kraft.
  • These stocks are the best in their own because of their eco-friendly nature. Thus, your custom pre-roll boxes can be recycled and will be easily biodegradable.
  • You can also adjust the thickness of these stocks. Since, pre-rolls are fragile, their boxes need to be on a high alert at all times. Giving an added thickness factor to the packaging stocks is a great way to do the needful!

Lavish boxes to steal the spotlight!

The cannabis businesses are in need of new and innovative ways to stand out in the market. Amongst the several ways they get their hands on, a unique box style is the most effective way. Personalization is not only about changing the box display; it’s about modifying its entire aura.

Some box styles you can consider using for your cannabis products and pre-rolls are as follows:

  • Tray and sleeve boxes
  • Hexagon boxes
  • Auto bottom boxes
  • Bookend boxes
  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Fence partition boxes

Time to display your pre-rolls in direct contact with the market:

You can personalize your own, attractive display boxes for the pre-rolls. This way, your pre-rolls will be able to gain the maximum attention from the market.

Top-notch printed custom pre-roll boxes!

Designing a box print is fun but equally concerning. You would want to fit in all the details of your brand and product in the provided space. An ordinary box packaging won’t give you the liberty to do so, which is why customization is here to save you!

With customization, you can style a laudable print for the custom pre-roll boxes. Moreover, you can also choose a printing technique as well such as digital, onset or offset. Likewise, you can style the print by choosing your preferred colors for the print, adding a die-cut, coating the custom cigarette boxes and much more!

A guide to styling your logo:

To style your logo and enhance its look on the custom pre-roll boxes, follow the two simple steps:

  • With a gold or silver foil (or any color of your choice), print your logo on the custom pre-roll boxes
  • Give a vivid D impression to your logo by embossing or debossing it.

These 2 simple steps will allow your logo to make signify its true essence and will make your customers remember your pre-rolls!


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