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Customize your own Eyelashes Boxes

 Customize your own Eyelashes Boxes

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Be ready to customize your own eye-lashes box with iCustom boxes. We give you proper authority to invent custom boxes according to your specifications. If you have questioned other packaging solution, does the same. What is different between us and others? Let us explain that it has many reasons.

The first reason is that we provide you with exceptional customization tools. Secondly, you work with the best-experienced customization experts in the packaging industry. They know all the packaging strategies to invent a rare custom box. Also, like others, we don’t set all responsibility on the buyer during customization. We work
as a partner and keep guiding you throughout the whole procedure.

Do a Selection for box style, color, or size for custom eye-lashes box

In order to customize the eye-lashes box according to the specifications, you can select any box style, color, size shade, etc. After that, our customization experts will design it graphically and then physically. As you, they keep intact in the whole customization procedure. So, if they felt any design, box style, material, or color contrast could be more convenient for the product. They will warn you about that. It’s up to you whether you accept that or not.

After that, we sent you 4 to 5 boxes per the request for physical confirmation. If you feel anything needs to change, you can ask to replace it before production. Once the printing starts, we will not be responsible. More,
It is not a free procedure. You need to charge for production and shipment. And the specified sample kit will be delivered to your doorsteps within 12 to 16 days.

Key features of eyelash boxes

Eyelash boxes are essential to the beautifying industry to seek people’s attention. They are used to store and protect delicate lash hairs and other eye-intensifying products like liner, mascara, etc., from dirt and dust. These boxes are available in various shapes and sizes and can be customized with various colors and designs.
They are also made from durable materials, such as cardboard, which make them very useful for protecting the product. Additionally, these boxes can also be used for promotional purposes, making them an effective marketing tool. Using these boxes can help to create a strong brand identity, as well as to attract more customers.

First, we collect information from the customer about the product and its intended use. Once we have all of the basic information, and the customer is still trying to decide the quality we provide, we recommend that he or
she order the RAW Sample Kit. We send samples relevant to the customer’s product and given specifications.

Customize die-cut window with the latest eyelash boxes design

You can use any design for an eye-lashes box design or image. But must customize it with a die-cut window. Because some products, like eyelashes, should not be fully covered because customers buy them through their appearance. Also, die-cut window boxes are in fashion nowadays. They not look beautiful along with the design but also protect the lashes from dust harmful to the eyes.

Give elegant finishing with iCustom Boxes add-ons pantry

Do you want to give an elegant and standardized look to the eye-lashes boxes? Which grab all the mind towards your eye-lashes box? They must give them an elegant finish with shortlisted finishing with iCustom add-ons pantry. All of these are awful and highly recommended to give an exclusive look to the eye-lashes box. Here are a few add-ons options.

1. Hot stamp foiling
2. Detailed description
3. Embossing and Debossing
4. Hang tabs
5. Inside printing

Customize eye-lashes boxes with custom inserts

The artificial eyelashes are made of Polybutylene Terephthalate, a plastic fiber. It looks the same as real lashes. Unlike real lashes, they can easily be molded into any shape. If you protect lashes, stick them on custom inserts. Here are insert options for custom eye-lashes boxes.

a. Cardboard and Kraft inserts:

You can use custom cardboard and Kraft inserts for eye-lashes packaging. They are economical and easily printable. You can use bleached white Kraft if you don’t want to print eye-lashes boxes.

b. Custom foam inserts:

In order to give an exclusive look to the eyelash box for promotional purposes, you can use custom foam inserts. They are durable and flexible and look expensive, apparently. You can custom foam inserts in charcoal, grey,
black and white shades. For other shades, you can adhere flocking material to the top of the foam.

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