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Creating an Educational App: Steps, Features, and Considerations

 Creating an Educational App: Steps, Features, and Considerations

Education app development is a promising business idea in today’s world. Learners embraced the transformation that educational apps brought during Covid-19. Moreover, as per Statista, the education industry is forecasted to exceed $370 billion by 2026.

The education application market is predicted to increase to $70.5 billion by 2025. Thus, you must hire app developers to take advantage of this huge market opportunity.

In this blog, we will talk about essential features business owners must include in their educational apps and the process of app development.

Crucial Features For Education App Development

Essential Features For Teachers

1. User Authorization

To make their profile on the edTech app, teachers must first log into the app via email or phone number.

2. Profile Creation

Teachers can build their profiles by delivering crucial information like names, job titles, courses offered, certificates, etc.

3. Dashboard For Managing Courses 

It is an essential feature where teachers can easily manage course content such as assignments, comments, and giving marks through their dashboard.

4. Conducting Tests

This feature helps teachers to conduct online tests and analyze students’ progress.

Key Features For Learners

1. User Authorization

To seek the course benefits, learners should log into the application via phone, email, or social media credentials.

2. Student’s Profile

This functionality enables learners to build their profiles by presenting critical attributes like age, location, subject, objectives, etc.

3. Search Option

One of the significant features of the education app is the search option. It lets users view different course programs, teacher information, course cost, etc.

4. Dashboard For Students

This feature gives students all the required details like purchased courses, ongoing courses, progress reports, upcoming classes, exam schedules, etc.

5. Payments Option

The payment option helps students to pay for their courses. Hence, you must provide this feature which must be fully secured and reliable.

App Development Process Followed By The Best Mobile App Development Services 

1. Discovery Stage

In the discovery stage, the mobile app developers comprehend the client’s needs, decide on project goals, and acquire a precise scope of work. You can validate your mobile app idea with an experienced education app development company.

2. Select the Development Platform

The next app development step is to determine whether you need to make an app for iOS, Android, or both users. You can select native app development if you want to launch your app on both platforms.

3. Build UI/UX Design

During this stage, the UI/UX developers not only create an interactive design of the app but also illustrate how the app will interact with users. UI/UX designers can make the application’s design, including the best transitions, animations, and styles, to make the education application seamless, suitable for navigation, and have an appealing interface.

4. App Development

App development is not mere coding; many aspects go behind creating an app. It requires a tech stack, which is decided at the start of the project. Software developers work alongside UI/UX designers, QA engineers, a project manager, and clients to deliver an app as per business objectives.

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5. App Testing

You would surely want your app to work flawlessly without any bugs. Thus testing is an imperative phase in the mobile app development process. One can get the expected performance with rigorous testing by seeking the help of a software development company.

Final Note

The education industry has plenty of prospects for companies with innovative mobile app concepts. You can gain huge profits by providing a compelling mobile app solution that helps learners and educators. The best way is to work with the best mobile app development services provider that presents proven excellence in creating apps.

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