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Configure Wavlink Extender Device In 5 Easy Steps

 Configure Wavlink Extender Device In 5 Easy Steps

The Wavlink extender acts as an extension for the existing router. Basically, it works to repeat and expand your router’s signal in a great way. Clearly, by installing it at your place, you will be able to get a stable and secure internet connection for your devices. Although the configuration process is so simple all you need is a device with a web browser and internet connection. Let’s begin the process stepwise. 

Step 1-Connect The Extender With Your Devices

Here, the first and foremost step is to prepare the extender for the setup process. To do this, plug your extender into an unoccupied power socket and turn it on. Once it performs boot-up and becomes ready to install, use your mobile or PC. Make a connection between your device and the WiFi network. 

If you are using a mobile then open the WiFi network list on it and select the right extender network. Insert the default extender password in the box and click the Connect option. Whereas if you use a PC then choose to create a wired connection. Take an ethernet wire and insert the ends into the PC, extender, or router. In this way, the extender and device connection are successful. 

Step 2-Access The Extender Login Page On Your Device

The next step here is to visit the Wavlink extender login page on your connected device by using the web interface. Launch any web browser on that device and insert the extender’s default web or IP address in the search panel. For the web address, use wifi.wavlink.com, and insert this address in the search bar.

On the other hand, insert instead of the web address and click enter. As a result, the web browser will show you the login box which contains the username and password. Type admin or the default login credentials in the box, then tap Login. For login details, you can check the extender’s manual guide. Thus, the Wavlink extender login process is complete. 

Step 3-Move To The Configuration Process Later

After completing the login procedure, you will need to execute the installation process. As you click the Login option, you will see the setup option on the next on-screen page. Use that option and fill in the required information. You might have to do some basic things during the process, so follow the on-screen information there. After some effort and a few minutes, the wavlink extender setup process will be complete and the extender will start working. 

Step 4-Another Method For Wavlink Extender Setup

Apart from the above-mentioned method, you can make use of the extender WPS button for configuration. To follow this method, check your existing router’s WPS function and it must be in working condition. 

  • Plug your extender into the power outlet and wait till the LED becomes stable. 
  • Thereafter, push the extender’s WiFi Protected Setup button for 8-10 seconds. 
  • Within the next two minutes, press the router’s WPS button with a needle. 
  • Leave both devices and allow them to make the connection successful. 
  • Keep an eye on both devices’ LEDs as they indicate the process condition. 
  • After a short while, these LEDs will turn solid colors by finishing the installation procedure. 
  • Hence, it is the easiest way to execute the setup process that you can use hassle-free. 

Step 5-Do Changes In Settings To Make The Network Secure

After configuring your wavlink wifi range extender setup, making this secure is a considerable point. To prevent it from unwanted usage and hackers, make some modifications in advanced settings and set a strong password for the network. 

In order to do this, visit the web-based setup page of your extender and then go to the advanced settings. There you can create or change the password by replacing admin. However, don’t skip to click the Save option after changing the settings. If you will not do this, then there will be implementation in the changes. 

Hence, these are the five comfy steps that you can utilize to perform the process more simpler. Read and follow these directions thoroughly. 

Troubleshoot The Extender Errors

Undoubtedly, it is common to get errors in the extender’s working that may create hindrances in the performance. You may not be able to identify the source behind those errors but can eliminate them easily by using some troubleshooting tips. 

Reconnect The Extender After Unplugging It

In case, the extender LED is blinking or not stable, unplug it from the power source and give it some rest. Also, disconnect your devices from it and the router as well. Verify whether the extender is overheating or not. If it is, then let it to cool-down. Later, plug in the extender again and connect your device to it. The extender will start working properly. 

Make A Wired Connection

While connecting your device to the extender after restarting it, try to make a wired connection by using an ethernet wire. This type of connection will help you to get a strong and uninterrupted signal from the extender. Lastly, use a new ethernet cable rather than an old one. 

Upgrade The Extender Firmware

After that, check the firmware that the extender is using currently as it must be up-to-date for the extender’s fluent working. If it is not, then go to the extender’s web-based setup page and see the latest updates. Download that file according to your extender model and save it on your PC. Following this, select the Upgrade Firmware option and upload that file there. Next, start the update process and wait till it completes. After some time, the extender will finish the updation process and then check it’s working. 

To Conclude

We hope that by utilizing these informative points you can configure and use your wavlink extender setup without any obstructions. Evidently, it will allow you to remove the WiFi dead zones from your place and your devices remain connected every time. In any case, if you face any difficulty in the workflow, reach us carefree and visit here for Fix Wavlink AC600 setup.

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