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Semi-permanent makeup has been trending for quite a while now. It is opted by people of all financial backgrounds, be it celebrities or ordinary people. It is a form of introducing pigment into your lips and eyebrows for an all-time makeup look.
What is microblading?
Microblading is a technique of introducing pigment in the eyebrow to create fuller and defined brows. The major difference between tattooing and microblading comes in the depth at which the pigment is introduced. Tattooing introduces the pigment in the deeper layers of the dermis whereas microblading introduces the pigment in the superficial layers of skin. This becomes the reason why microblading lasts for a short period. It generally lasts for 3 years.
Benefits of microblading
1. Natural look
Your eyebrow pencils may not be able to create the perfect natural look. It might look powdery and drawn-over. This can be perfectly prevented by the use of microblading. Microblading follows the natural flow of our eyebrows and uses strokes to give that perfect look you need!
2. No more hassle!
With, Drawn eyebrows, there is too much effort to create those brows. Now with microblading, you can wake up “eye-brow ready”.
3. Cost-effective
There is no need to spend money on your eyebrow drawing tools. That is your eyebrow pencils and powders. This procedure can be done once and will last you a year.
Starting your microblading business
With the entire buzz in the market and heavy promotions by influencers, microblading has become highly popular. If you are someone who deals with beauty procedures and wants to earn extra bucks’ microblading is the way to go. Get yourself microblading certification Miami and start earning!

Procedure and the concept of microblading
The procedure involves the application of the numbing cream by the trained professional and choosing the appropriate shade of pigment based on the colour of existing hair. After ensuring the effectiveness of anaesthesia, the microblading artist continues with the procedures. Some artists use templates while some prefer the free-hands method.
The procedure involves injecting the area with dye using manual microblading tools. The entire procedure takes up to 2 hours and it might take reapplication of numbing creams based on their efficiency.
It is important to ensure that the microblading artist has microblading certification Miami as they are quite a few risks that come with the procedure if done incorrectly.
The aftermath
Generally, the eyebrows might appear darker after the procedure and they may continue to look darker for a week. There is no need to worry as the colour will eventually fade and will perfectly match while looking natural.
There might be mild redness and swelling, but it will reduce on its own.
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