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Save Your MacBook From Water Damage With Computer Repair in Whitehall

 Save Your MacBook From Water Damage With Computer Repair in Whitehall

If you are reading this article, there is a great chance that you are going through a MacBook water damage situation. It might be possible that you accidentally threw some water, juice, or tea on your MacBook while drinking, or you were walking towards your office with your Mac and caught rain on your way. Whatever the situation, Happy Fix is here to help you navigate any circumstance and scenario. They have years of experience which makes them experts in fixing water damage problems. They suggest coming to them whenever your device goes through water damage. However, you can implement certain steps to avoid further damage to your device. Computer repair shop in Whitehall advises what you should do if your MacBook has encountered water damage and how to prevent it from further serious damage. 

Initial Steps

First of all, you must keep the costly electronic gadgets in a place where they are safe such as a shelf, drawer or rack, etc. If you have children or pets running around the house, your device is not secure anywhere near them. Keep it away from their reach. Apple’s remarkably engineered MacBook has not only new and unique features, but it is also expensive. It is not easy to buy a new device every time it faces damage. Water damage is one of the most common and serious issues. If you have, by any chance, spilled water on your Mac and you want it to survive, you must not search on it about fixing the water damage. Stop right now and search through another device. If you have knocked water on your laptop accidentally, it is suggested that you shut it down and unplug it from any power source if it is plugged in. Take out all the other connected devices like USBs, cables, phones, and SD cards. 

Drain your MacBook

Once you have switched your MacBook off, there are two ways to drain the water from it. The previous MacBook Pros had non-retina displays. Therefore, you can drain water from them by keeping them in a tent position. A benchtop method will be good if your laptop has a retina display. Let’s see how

Tent Method

The older Macbook screens had non-retina displays and watertight screens; therefore, it is easy to drain water from them by keeping them in a tent position so that the water drops from there. 

Bench Top Method

The benchtop methods work for any MacBook model, especially those with retina display. If you want to know if your Mac has a retina screen, you can check its specs online or see its serial number. Retina displays are not only costly but are also vulnerable to water damage. If you use the tent method on these laptops, it will damage your retina screen. Find a flat surface like a table or a bench top and clean the surface with soft paper towels. Place your laptop’s screen face down on the surface and open the laptop 90° so that the keyboard hangs over the edge. Be careful while doing so because your MacBook can fall. You won’t cause any further damage. Doing this will prevent the water from entering the non-water-resistant screens. If there is any water in the keyboard, openings, and ports, it will fall off your laptop and drain it. Computer repair in Whitehall says that implementing this method also draws water away from your hardware to prevent serious issues from occuring. 

Don’t Use Rice To Drain Water From Mac

You must have heard about the rice method. Rice has properties that can absorb water and moisture easily. This method is usually suggested when you spill water on your smartphones. However, you cannot do the same with MacBooks. The “Device in rice” method has become so common that whenever any gadget faces water damage, this is the first fix that comes to people’s minds. Putting the device in rice certainly won’t harm it, but it will not help it either. According to electronic repair Whitehall, removing water from an electronic gadget is much better than drying it up with rice. 

Don’t Shake Your Mac. It is not a MacShake

Individuals panic when their device encounters water damage and shakes their MacBooks to get rid of water. It might sound tempting, but shaking the laptop will let the water reach places it was not in before causing further damage. Doing this will also allow the water to reach the hardware. Hardware damage is the worst. 

Get Your MacBook Examined By Professionals

A good repair store professional disassembles your Mac if needed and checks the logic board under a microscope to see the unseeable damages we cannot see normally. This will allow you to separate the damaged components of your laptop. Doing this will also make the repair procedure reasonable and cheaper because after closely monitoring the logic board, only the damaged parts are repaired, not the whole logic board. After repairing your Mac, the experts dry your laptop and reassemble it so you can use it again. Remember not to experiment on your device if you don’t know how to implement the abovementioned methods. Simply contact the professionals at computer repair in Whitehall and let them do the job. 

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