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How to Compress PST Files without Outlook on Mac?

 How to Compress PST Files without Outlook on Mac?

With the constantly increasing client base of MS Outlook, searches for queries like “How do I compress an Outlook file on a Mac?” or multiple ways to reduce PST file size are also increasing. As an Outlook user, you must be aware that managing larges PST files is a tough task. PST files in Outlook can only store mailbox data up to 2 GB. Due to this it often reaches its maximum limit and gets prone to corruption. So owing to this reason and some others, many Outlook users, look for a method to compress PST files.

Well, after a lot of research, today in this blog we are finally going to discuss a professional PST Compress Tool to compact PST files in an effective manner. Let us first begin with the multiple reasons to compress the PST file size. After that, we are going to move to the solution part for quick and easy PST file compression.

Reasons to Compress the Outlook PST Files

There are various reasons to reduce PST file size. Among, some of them are stated below.

  • After receiving lots of emails the limited size capacity of Outlook exceeds. Due to this PST files gets oversized and are unable to view or open.
  • Outlook users often receive a message displaying “Your PST data file might have exceeded its maximum size limit”. Once the users receive this message it becomes hard to access the PST file.
  • Information cannot be accessed on time in case of oversized PST files.
  • Because of the limited storage capacity of MS Outlook, users often look for different ways to compress PST files.

After going through all of the above reasons, you must be looking for an efficient solution to compress Outlook PST. You can also convert PST to PDF format and keep it on a local drive. It is easily shareable and can be used for legal documentation purposes. Well, in the next segment we are going to discuss the most reliable PST compress tool. It is easy to use and provides a direct solution.

How Do I Reduce My Outlook Mailbox Size on Mac?

After so much research, we found that the MacSonik PST Compress Tool is a one-stop solution to compact and compress large PST files. It can also compact PST files with attachments and save them in a separate or different folder. This is the most reliable compress PST tool with an intuitive GUI. Its user-friendly interface helps the user to compact Outlook data files without any external help. Additionally, it also has certain effective features which help to reduce the size of PST files easily and quickly without any data alteration. The utility supports all the PST files made on MS Outlook 2021, 2019, 2013, 2010, and all the below versions. In order to compress PST files with the help of this tool, follow the given step-by-step guide.

Step-by-Step Guide to Compact Outlook Data File

  1. Download and Run the MacSonik PST Compress Tool.
  2. Select the single or multiple files/folder option and press Next.
  3. Select the file/folders to add the PST files and hit the open button.
  4. Choose the PST file items from the displayed tree structure and click Next.
  5. Apply the desired features of the tool to compress Outlook PST.
  6. At last, assign a destination for the new PST file and tap the Compress button.

Before concluding this article, let’s know some advantages of using this Mac PST Compress Tool.

Advantages of PST Compress Tool for Mac

  • The tool can batch-compress PST files with a single click.
  • It offers a date range filter feature, you just have to enter the start and end date to compress the files between selected dates.
  • It can also remove the attachments from the selected PST file during the process.
  • The tool is capable of removing duplicate mail items as well.
  • You can extract all the attachments from the file and save them in a separate folder.
  • It also facilitates a user to preview the mailbox items before actually starting the process.
  • You can even split large PST files into small PST files and save them without any modification.


The above write-up covers various reasons to convert the PST file. In order to address the issue, we have stated down a top professional solution. If you are also looking for the most effective method to compress PST files, then use the MacSonik PST Compress Tool. The software enables the user to view and compress large PST files without any file size limitations.

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