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Complete Process of Filing a Health Insurance Claim in India


Apart from getting the best health insurance plans, you should also have a profound knowledge of how it works to have a smooth claim filing process. Although there are many helpful guides on the web, the process of filing claims differs from the insurance provider you opt for. If you are choosing the best health insurance like Bajaj Allianz and Aditya Birla, they offer extended support for you to know the process. All you have to do is just to call the Aditya Birla health insurance customer care number and get your queries solved. Here is some in-depth information on the complete process of filing a health insurance claim in India. 

There are basically two ways in which you can file a health insurance claim –

  • Cashless claim

A health insurance claim is a request that a policyholder makes in order to receive compensation for the treatment expenses. It is an easy process to file a health insurance claim in India regarding the health insurance plans you choose. The health insurance plans you choose, allow you to avail a cashless claim in the hours of need. The cashless health care and other necessary information must be kept a record while making a claim. If any problem occurs, or you are confused about what to do, you can contact the Aditya Birla health insurance customer care number. This claim usually gets approved within four hours of placing the request. There can be two types of admissions involved –

  1. A planned admission

For this, you can easily select the best hospital according to you from the given options of hospitals in the health insurance plans. Inform the third-party administrator beforehand and file a request for the health insurance claim. You also need to submit all the documents to TPA for inspection. After the approval of your request, your bills will be settled by the insurer. If not, try reaching out to Aditya Birla health insurance customer care number. You can go for the reimbursement if the request gets denied.

  1. Emergency admission

If it is a medical emergency, inform the third-party administrator and also provide a membership number. Send the filled form which is sent by the hospital and the doctor to TPA and wait for your claim to get sanctioned. If not, you can get the reimbursement done. 

  • Reimbursement

Health insurance is crucial as it provides financial coverage against unexpected medical expenses in times of accidents and abrupt health deterioration. If you get to go for reimbursement, you need to pay initially before filing a reimbursement claim. Later, the rest of the expenses get covered by the insurer. For this, you need to contact Aditya Birla health insurance customer care number and provide the membership details. Settle the bills and show them along with the prescriptions and the documents they ask for. 

You will have to fill out the reimbursement form and submit it with the medical records. Once the claim is approved, a cheque will be given. It usually takes around 15-20 days for the entire process to be done. It is important to know that the claim request must be made within a week of discharging and that the non-payable things will not be covered. 

If you opt to get your health insurance from such renowned providers in the market, the process of filing claims and getting it approved becomes a hassle-free process. For all the claim-related queries about your health insurance plans, the Aditya Birla Health insurance customer care number is available 24 x 7 at your disposal. Check it out today!

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