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Chose the best Hoverboards on the market

 Chose the best Hoverboards on the market

Hoverboards are state-of-the-art, high-tech means of transportation on two wheels, made up of gyroscopes and quality sensors, which allow them to perceive changes in the weight of the person using them. However, the use of hoverboards must be controlled, precisely because some models can reach and maintain very high speeds, sometimes too fast for young drivers.

Through these, they can steer without a steering wheel. They are easy to use, intuitive, safe and completely eco-compatible because they rely only on electricity to operate and do not emit harmful gases for the environment.

In fact, there are many different models and types of this new vehicle, for customers with various needs.

Let’s see together what this new means of transport is, what are the characteristics that a hoverboard can have and more.

Hoverboard, what is it?

The hoverboard is in some ways similar to the famous skateboard, in fact it has also imitated its shape over the years. It is a platform about 60 cm long with two side wheels, the platform is equipped with a non-slip coating and sensors to facilitate the movement of the vehicle, reading the movements of the driver to convert them into actions.

The device only moves with certain movements, i.e. shifting your weight (center of gravity) forwards or backwards. Furthermore, on the platform there are some extremely important accessories such as the battery charge level indicator, GPS, links to some applications, etc.

Start the hoverboard and to accelerate, you have to move your body slightly forward.

To brake or slow down, on the other hand, you have to perform the opposite action, which is to move your body backwards.

To turn simply apply light pressure on the platform with your foot in the direction of the turn.

Parameters before buying a hoverboard

Before buying a hoverboard for children or adults, it is right to carefully look at some of the parameters and characteristics that this means of transport may have. Let’s see them together:

  • Size of the wheels, they vary according to different criteria, 6.5 inch wheels (hoverboards for children), 7 inch wheels (hoverboards suitable for the street) 8/10 inch wheels (hoverboards for use on rough roads) ;
  • Battery, the latter must guarantee an autonomy of at least 15/20 kilometres, the autonomy obviously depends on various factors, such as the inclination, the type of road travelled, the weight of the driver, the descent and climbing and the average speed. Charging time varies from model to model, but is usually around 4 hours;
  • Weight and speed, a hoverboard usually weighs around 10/15 kilos, and can bear a maximum of 110 kg. Furthermore, the average speed at which this vehicle can go is 25 km/h, but varies according to the type of terrain and the weight of the person;
  • Materials, many hoverboards are made of the same materials, but sometimes their platforms are made of plastic while others are made of metal, and obviously the latter are more resistant and last over time. Furthermore, some models are specially made to be able to use them even in the rain, thanks to super waterproof materials without damaging the vehicle.

Traffic regulations on hoverboards

Finally, you need to understand the regulations governing hoverboards to avoid accidents. Until last year, the Highway Code did not consider the use of hoverboards.

These vehicles can only be driven in the city and the driver must be equipped with a buzzer and front and rear lights to improve visibility.

Final Conclusions

Whether it is a child or an adult using a hoverboard, special protective measures must be used, such as a helmet, and in some cases knee pads and elbow pads, are very important. It is also recommended that small children should be extremely supervised by an adult.

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