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Choose the Best Flower Delivery in Delhi for Exclusive Gifting Purpose

 Choose the Best Flower Delivery in Delhi for Exclusive Gifting Purpose

Gifting flowers to your loved ones is a gesture of love and respect. It is a way of portraying your affection towards your loved ones. Even if you are sitting miles away from your friends, family or partner, don’t worry, as you canavail yourself of the best flower delivery service at your home. Let us read about the best flower delivery in Delhi.

Gifting flowers serves many purposes at once. It is one of the simplest ways people use to express their emotions. The incredible sight of flowers melts everybody’s heart. It can be used as a token of love and gratitude, while on the other; it can be a gesture of sorrow and apology.

Flowers speak a language of their own. They can be used to form deep and meaningful connections or restore severed bonds. Flowers represent a broad spectrum of emotions felt by the human heart. It is believed that for every possible emotion, there’s a flower to represent it. Let us learn about some of them:

  • Yellow Tulips: It is believed that yellow tulips convey the pain of unrequited love. It expresses the deep mourning of a heart.
  • Purple Tulips: Purple has always been the colour of grandeur and royalty. Therefore a purple tulip is a sign of prosperity.
  • White Lotus: White is the colour of purity. Hence a white lotus symbolizes peace and tranquillity.
  • Pink Lotus: A pink lotus denotes supremacy above all.
  • Lilies: Lilies are considered to be delicate ones. It is often being gifted to convey kindness.
  • Carnations: Gifting your loved ones a bunch of red carnations means that you are confessing your love for the person.
  • Orchids: Orchids are considered the rarest kind is owing to their historical significance. They are seen as wild and mysterious. They help to convey subtle signs of love.
  • Daisy: Daisies are meant to remind us of good times filled with laughter and innocence. They take us back to our childhood filled with laughter. They are a token of warm memories.
  • Lavender: Lavenders symbolize grace and serenity. It is a common gift to someone for whom we have an unbending sense of respect.

Not just positive emotions, flowers can sometimes be used to portray negative energies such as jealousy and revenge or even hatred. Let us list down some of them for you to be aware of what to send your loved ones and what not.

  • A Black Dahlia: In old times, gifting someone a black dahlia meant accusing the person of dishonesty and betrayal, as it is a sign of unfaithful and disloyal behaviour.
  • Orange Lilies: Although lilies are usually seen as a flower denoting sadness and peace, an orange lily is different. It usually represents pride and greed.
  • Black Rose: Like the colour,black roses represent death and loss. It is generally seen at funerals.
  • Petunia: Petunias are flowers that carry misfortune. Therefore be aware of someone gifting you a bunch of Petunia as it might look as beautiful and harmless as it can be but has a much darker meaning.
  • Yellow Carnations: The colour yellow in carnations depicts deep-rooted jealousy.

Now that you are aware of the language of flowers, you are wise enough to choose which bouquet of lovely flowers to choose for your friends, families and that particular person in your life who has captured your heart.

Gifting flowers to people physically always has its spark. You can memories their smiling faces and tuck them safely inside your heart. But even if you can’t gift them in person, it does not mean that your emotions are lesser in any way.

Even if you are miles away, you can send flowers to your loved ones to remind them of your love, respect and gratitude. Many online flower delivery services have enabled delivery within and across your city.

Suppose you are looking for the best online flower delivery in Delhi and are confused by scrolling through many online flower delivery websites. In that case, this article will highlight 5 top tips you should consider for choosing the best online services:

  • Select an authentic site: It is always safe to rely on a well-known accurate site over a lesser-known and shady website.
  • Quality of Service: Always do background check of the experience and quality of service that the website offers. Many online websites promise to deliver a top-notch service only to disappoint you.
  • Check client reviews: Every website has a section for client reviews and ratings. Go for websites with a rating above seven and many reviews.
  • Option to Customize: An expert florist can customize your bouquet per your wishes. Always look for online stores which provide you with the opportunity to customize.
  • Refund Policy: Every authentic online store is bound to have a refund policy in case of defective delivery. Read the refund policy before you place your order.

Consider these top tips before sending your loved ones a vibrant bouquet.

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